2 week countdown

So my previous post got A LOT of traffic. I sometimes forget that people actually read my blog. I write as if I have readers but I don’t ever really expect many people to read. It’s almost as if I am just writing out an online diary or journal. I know people CAN read it but I don’t expect many to do. So when my stats say that my page was visited by 100+ visitors, it always throws me. So, hey, to all who do read, whether it is actively, sporadically or anything in between. Hey and welcome…

The 2 week countdown for Italy has began. We fly out from Stanstead Airport on Friday 11th August @ 6:45am. I am super excited but also apprehensive. I haven’t flown abroad since 2008 when I was just turning 17. To have my first flight with a toddler, what was I thinking? lol it will be okay. She is an unbelievably great traveller. We have done the trains, short distance, long distance. We went to Liverpool on the train last summer. We went to Hastings this month. She is fab. I cannot fault her. Plus knowing her, she’ll be all over her Daddy on the flight and leave me alone in peace lol

I have got a list [I love a list] of everything to pack. Where to put certain items such as liquids and nail clippers etc. I have decided to pack 2 “small-ish” books for the journey as well as a thin blanket, her TedTed and my iPad [for teletubbies, obvs]. It will be so early I am hoping she will go back to sleep. The upside of an earlier flight is that she can nap as soon as we land and check in. And once she’s up we can go explore/have lunch etc.

Our Itinerary is:

  • Friday 11th August – Flight 06:45 departing Stanstead. Arriving in Verona at 10:00am.
  • Check in Hotel 1 is from 11am. We stay for 2 days.
  • Check out Hotel 1 at 11am on Sunday 13th August.
  • Train from Verona to Venice – about 1 hour long
  • Check to Hotel 2 in Venice [13th August] from 2pm. We stay 1 night.
  • Check out Hotel 2 in Venice [14th August] from 10:30am
  • We will have lunch then head to the airport.
  • Our flight from Venice to Rome is at 4:20pm. We arrive in Rome at 5:25pm.
  • Check in for Hotel 3 in Rome [14th August] is from 11am. We will get there about 6:30pm – have arranged this.
  • We stay in Rome for 3 days. We are aiming to visit Naples on the 16th for the day. The train is about 2 hours.
  • Thursday 17th August – flight from Rome Ciampino departs at 11:15am and arrives at Stanstead for 1pm.

So that is our trip. We are city hopping and it’ll be hectic as fuck but we wanted to make the most of whilst we are there. And lots of people said Venice is alright for a day but spend more time in Rome as there is so much more to see.

I cannot believe we go in 2 weeks. In fact, we will be in the air this time in 2 weeks!!!!

Also, it is my birthday in 3 weeks today. I think we are going out for a meal as we only come back from Italy the day before!

TGIF. This week has been long. Scarlett has been grumpy as she is a bit unwell. She has this viral wheeze [doctor’s words, not mine]. And she has been crying to go to bed at like 6pm lol I selfishly have been making her stay up till her usual bed time of 7 as I want to spend my 2 hours with her. I don’t see her all day and the little moo wants to go bed an hour after I get home!



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