Happy 18 Months Baby

So today my tiny terror is 18 months old. She has 13 teeth [when I am allowed a quick peek]. She says Hiya to everyone she sees. She says it to me when I wake her for nursery, when I see her after work. Every time we see each other. I love it. She is currently obsessed with her baby doll. I told her that she won’t be getting a sibling any time soon. If she is lucky to actually have any siblings. There is no guarantee I can have any other babies. But that is a story for another time. I just count my blessing every day for this little miracle of mine. She is so smart and brave and cheeky. She makes me smile even when she has made me tear my hair out in frustration. She wraps her arms around my neck for a cuddle and says Mama in my ear. What I would do for her squishy cuddles forever.





Just born – January 2016


6 months – July 2016


26 weeks – July 2016


12 months – January 2017


18 months today – July 2017





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