We are home


So we stayed on the site today. Scarlett figured out she could open her bedroom door in the caravan. This made nap time a lot harder. In the end I laid in our double bed with her and she eventually gave in. I think I nodded off lol Once she was up we had some lunch and then I took Scarlett for a little play in the park behind our caravan. She quite enjoyed walking down there and walking back. She thinks she is a big girl lol

We went to the entertainment centre for dinner and then had a play in the arcade. We played Air Hockey. Brett won, twice. Then we played the basketball game. Brett, twice. We also played a game where you have to lob balls at targets. Again, Brett won, twice. But between us we got enough tickets to get Scarlett some bubbles and stickers. We headed back to the caravan. Brett bathed Scarlett then I had a shower. We put her to bed at 9ish. She actually did stay in bed. We packed then watched NCIS and then Ultimate Force again.


We got up and had breakfast. I dressed Scarlett and myself. Brett had a shower then we did last minute sweeps of the caravan to make sure we hadn’t left anything. We threw our little bin into the main refuse bins on the way to reception to hand the keys back. We booked a taxi to take us to the station. Our train was due at 10:57am. So we just hung about on the platform, together, waiting. Scarlett fell asleep and slept pretty much the whole journey. Our train got stuck on the tracks just before Sevenoaks due to a queue for the tunnel. We ended up pulling into Waterloo East 25 minutes later than we should have which meant our connection between trains went from 40 minutes to 13. So we ran. But we made it. We sat in the wider area of the train as we had the luggage and a stroller. We got off the train at 1:45pm. My mom picked us up and dropped us home. It was great to be home.


We got up and had breakfast. Brett had a shower then we left at 10am for Finkley Down Farm. We had booked tickets for it the night before. They were having a “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. So Scarlett brought along her new Monkey from holiday. We walked around, looked at all the different animals. Brett took her to the outdoor play area and they went down the massive slide together. We watched the Falconry show then we headed indoors. Brett took Scarlett to play on all the indoor play areas that she was old/young enough for.


We left in the afternoon and stopped by my nan’s for a cup of a tea. We ended up having an early dinner, KFC. I can’t eat KFC more than a few times a year because the spices in the coating aggravate my bowels lol I did enjoy it though. I had a boneless banquet box for 1 and some spicy wings. Brett had the same. We headed home. Put Scarlett in the bath then bed. Then my mom dropped Brett at the station as he was heading home. We had a chilled Saturday.


Scarlett and I had Sunday lunch at my nan’s. She played in the garden a little then after dinner I put her down for a nap and my Nan run me up the shop so I could grab some bits for work. We went home in the early evening for supper, bath, bottle and then bed. For Scarlett lol

Back to work tomorrow. I hate going back after having time off. I like being at home. I have my Coil Review on Thursday to make sure it’s working properly etc. No more babies for us!!!



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