FriYAY finally

Monday 26th:

So I didn’t get to sleep until 4am. Awesome. Shouldn’t have had that energy drink. I had to get up for work at 6:30am. Tired doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel.

Tuesday 27th:

I had my long awaited doctor’s appointment today. Conclusion: unhelpful. I asked for more migraine tablets, as the last load I got was just before being pregnant and then when I first had her I didn’t have migraines again so I never went back for more. But my hormones must’ve gone up and down to settle because I have started having them again. But she refused to prescribe my usual Naproxen. Said to try Ibuprofen. Asked about any hayfever relief as OTC hasn’t worked. She basically said to keep trying OTC and see what works for me. I explained that I had had an allergic reaction to some eyedrops I had tried before, and she said she would prescribe me some to try. Was like getting blood from a stone. I decided to dye my hair after work today for the holiday. I love having fresh hair. I managed to not ruin the bathroom with hair dye.

Wednesday 28th:

Mom has worked every night this week so far. I don’t mind being alone but it does get boring after a few days lol

Omg Pretty Little Liars ended today. I watched the 90 minute episode. In peace. Phone off, cider in my hand and my full attention. I now understand why people are disappointed by how it ended. There is so many unanswered questions.

Thursday 29th:

There is this guy at my work that I have banter with. It has got to a point where he is trying to embarrass me so he asked me very loudly in front of coworkers if I fancy him. Which of course made me go beetroot red and exclaim that of course I don’t. But now everyone thinks I do. And every time I had to walk by his area other coworkers made a point of telling him so he could look up and wave. I was walking past to go to the loo and he was coming out of his desk, but I didn’t see and almost walked in to him. He said really loudly “Did you want a cuddle?” How embarrassing. I have been thinking of things to try and get a reaction from him but he just isn’t embarrassed. He left his laptop open and unattended. His pal sent me an email [admittedly I did think it was from him at first]. It said “do you fancy me?” I replied with “how chilidish. PS. you’ll never know”. He replied saying it wasn’t him to sent that so I said “awww getting your pal to ask, how cute”. But he isn’t even phased by crap. Need to step up my game.

Friday 30th:

Today is FriYay finally. Been waiting for this all week. I am on annual leave next week for the entire week. It is much needed. Been so stressed out and I just need a break to relax. Not that you can relax much with a toddler in tow. We are going to St. Leonard’s near Hastings. I am really excited for our first holiday as a family, just us 3.

It is my uncle’s birthday today. He is 30. Old sod haha

I turn 26 in about 7 weeks and that makes me a little anxious lol getting closer to 30 and I have hardly achieved much so far, except for being a mother – best thing ever! But I still live with my mother, I have a job that I have been trying to leave for another, better one and so far, nothing. I had another interview last week and I heard back this week. I didn’t get the job. The lady went into very minute detail of why I am such a fucking loser. Awesome!

Just on lunch atm.



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