Voting day

Yesterday [7th] my brother was down for a visit so we met for lunch. Myself, mom, Scarlett and my bro. We went to the Harvester near my work place. I tried Buttermilk fried chicken. It was delish. It tasted different to how I imagined. Definitely having it again. Scarlett had stuff from the salad bar as the kids meals are just too big for me (and are a waste of money). So she can cucumber, sweetcorn, a bread roll and some bacon bits lol then she had chicken from my place and some chips. They dropped me back at work. I had a banging headache so I was glad when 5pm came, quite quickly.

Today is the day we vote for a new Prime Minister. I have been torn because all the candidates haven’t said that much to sway me in either direction. However having done a bit of research, there is one party who have been upfront about their manifesto from the beginning and have costed everything, unlike the others who seem to be keeping everything secretive. And based on their manifesto, I am liking what they are proposing. There are things that directly impact me but not in a bad way. So I *think* I know who I shall be voting for later. We are going to vote once I finish work.

I am on lunch now. Going to watch an episode of NCIS whilst I eat.



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