Steak & BJ Day

Thursday 9th:

Finally booked an appointment to see the doctor. I had tried to make appointment over this particular issue months ago and the receptionist kept making me a telephone appointment but the doctor I spoke to said they cannot discuss that kind of thing over the phone lol

Friday 10th:

Scarlett has learned how to stack things, like her megablocks. The nursery posted a video on their Tapestry app for me to see. She is so clever. My little bobblehead!

Saturday 11th:

We went to my nan’s for lunch and ended up staying all day. Mom ran me to the shops when Scarlett was napping so I could grab some bits I needed for work. We had dinner with my grandparents. We went up the chip shop. Scarlett had fish and chips. She loves fish! She is gross lol I hate fish. We went home and she went to bed at about 9ish.

Brett went out for a meal with his family as it was his cousin’s 18th. After they finished eating and had a drink he got on the train. It ended up delayed and he didn’t arrive at my front door until 1:30am. We didn’t get in to bed until 3am. Well I got into bed at 3am. He came up at 4am, he woke me up climbing into bed lol

Sunday 12th:

After only a few hours sleep Scarlett got up. She had a bottle, played thne had breakfast. I brought her up to say hi to her “dad dad” and she was super excited. Put her down for a nap and crawled into bed. She slept for 2 hours and then we all got up for the day. We had dinner at my nan’s and then Scarlett had a nap. We just chilled out then when she was awake we walked home.

She went to bed and we both had a shower then chilled with a film. Scarlett woke up when we were just headed to bed so he went and sorted her out. She was hungry so I made her a bottle and he fed her.

Monday 13th:

Woke up for work. Scarlett was awake so I woke Brett up and dumped her on his lap so I could get ready for work. He had her all day and they had a really good day until she almost swallowed a 5p and that scared him, obviously. Then he didn’t shut the stair gate properly and had to rush downstairs mid-poo before she hurt herself. So he was a tad stressed when I got back from donating blood. I left work at 4pm for my donation session appointment at 4:30. I was done and dusted by 5:30 so we got home at 6pm. I cooked us dinner. We had pizza with cheesy garlic flatbread. We dropped him to train station then went to my nan’s for a cuppa tea. Scarlett went to bed at 9, again lol

Tuesday 14th (today):

So today is officially “Men’s Valentine’s Day”. Brett was not here so he couldn’t reap the benefits. Although he would’ve probably not liked me cooking steak as I am a rubbish cook lol

I left work at 4pm for my 4:30pm doctor’s appointment. I arrived at 4:15pm and used the machine to check in then I sat down. By 5pm I had lost the will to live so I went to reception and asked if my doctor was running behind. After sharing my details the receptionist informed me that my appointment had been cancelled. Apparently I had been left a voicemail last week, which I had not returned. Which basically was her way of insinuating this was my fault. I knew the surgery had not left me a voicemail regarding a cancellation but nonetheless I asked when the voicemail was supposedly left. She said it was March 7th. Absolutely bullshit. I didn’t make the appointment until March 9th so it is impossible to receive a cancellation over something that wasn’t even booked yet. I explained all this and the attitude I got was ridiculous so I just re-scheduled the appointment for next week and left otherwise I would’ve ended up being rude.

Scarlett didn’t want to go to bed at 7pm so I let her sit with me whilst I watched Emmerdale then she played for a bit and eventually she was ready to sleep at 8:30. Naughty little minx!

I am just catching up on some tele. Mom is out. She will be back later.



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