First full week

Wednesday (1st):

Scarlett had beef chilli for dinner and she loved it. She made a mahoosive mess though and it reminded me of why I didn’t do Baby Led Weaning lol

She had me up at 3am. She screamed for half hour. I tried everything. In the end I decided maybe she was hungry. 5oz bottle made and drained within’ a few minutes. She then went back to sleep. HUH! She never wakes for a bottle. Must be a growth spurt.

Thursday (2nd):

World Book Day. The nursery joined in but I couldn’t find the costume I wanted her to wear, in her size. Typically BWD is done at schools so everything was aged 4+. I was hoping to send her in as Harry Potter, well Hermione. But in the end she wore an outfit wit the Gruffalo on it instead. Good compromise lol

She had me up at 5am last night instead of 3am. Same thing happened. In the end I made her a 6oz bottle, drained it and went back to sleep. Lucky for her. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I laid in bed from about 5:45:am, turned my alarm off when it went off at 6:30am and then finally “got up” when mom popped her head in at 7am lol

Friday (3rd):

Running on low energy today. Thankfully I have my trusty 500ml monster drink in my drawer lol mom met me for lunch at 1pm. We went into town for food and a wander.

My brother is moving in with his dad and step-mom tomorrow so we went out for dinner after work to say Bye. He is only moving about an hour away but we’ve all lived together so long so we felt we needed to do this. So we did. We went to the Harvester he used to work at.

We had a good meal and Scarlett ate so much. After we finished we went home. On the drive home some absolute knobhead tried to undertake my moms car on the dual carriage way. She was in the right hand lane, there was a car in the left hand lane, slightly ahead of her. Some twat came speeding up behind her, crossed into the left lane and proceeded to try some James Bond type shit of squeezing in the tiny gap between my moms front bumper and the other cars back bumper. My mom had to hit her brakes whilst going 70mph (the speed limit, just FYI) and the dickhead weaved in front of her and sped off. I was furious. It is bad enough that he would’ve hit us but to hit Scarlett’s side, I was angry as fuck!

Not got much planned this weekend. A relaxing one. Hopefully.



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