Pancake Day 2017

Tuesday (21st):

Brett went home at midday. He walked to the station and got the train home. Mom and me had Scarlett walking between us 

Thursday (23rd):

Something fell from the ceiling as I walked through the door to where we eat lunch at work. It was super close to hitting me on the head. I had to phone up a “near miss” hotline we use and they had me answering lots of mad questions. It was due to Storm Doris. The wind was so bad it can caused indoor ceiling panels to come loose!

Friday (24th):

I had to book this day as annual leave because my mom was away and couldn’t pick me or Scarlett up at 5pm. She dropped Scarlett at nursery then picked her up at lunch time. Usually she does a full day but I said as I was off I would have her at home after lunch.

We got on the train at 4pm and arrived at the train station near Brett’s house at 5pm. He was working but he had finished and we made it back to his house at the same time. His mom had picked us up from the station. She went out and bought a car seat so I don’t have to lug one with me every time we visit. That was so nice of her. I had planned to get one delivered and paid for by myself. 

She was all over his mom. She wouldn’t leave her alone. It was really cute. I would say “where is nan nan?” and she would look for her!

Saturday (25th):

Scarlett is officially 13 months now. Mad to think she is over a year now. His mom offered to babysit for the evening so we could go do something. We settled on going for food and cinema. So Brett bathed her at 6:30 and got her ready for bed. I got her bottle sorted and she had that. When I tried to put her to bed she didn’t wanna go, so she stayed up for a bit. His mom dropped us at the cinema. Scarlett stayed at home with Brett’s brother. She really likes him. He is good with her. We had some food then watched 50 shades darker. Brett’s choice. I have seen it but he hasn’t and he wanted to. He saw the first and said it “wasn’t bad”.

We had a decent evening and she was flat out asleep when we went back home later on.

Sunday (26th):

Scarlett woke up at 5am. Needed a cuddle then back down. She woke up again at 8am. We had a lovely roast chicken dinner and then chilled for a bit. We got on the train at 6ish and were home by 7. My mom picked us up from the station. Scarlett went to bed at about 9ish I think. Usually she is down by 7 but she was too excited to be home so I let her be before tea, bath and bottle before bed.

Monday 27th (yesterday):

Back to work today. I hate coming back when I have had a long-ish weekend lol it is always a shock to my delicate system. It is payday though so I paid all my bills.

Tuesday 28th:

Pancake day. I am so not fussed by it. I don’t like pancakes. Scarlett had some at nursery apparently and she liked them. Big surprise there LOL joke, that kid eats everything.

I have been getting into this new show on Netflix called Riverdale. It is super creepy and weird. Right up my street. There is also a new series of Broadchurch now too.

I can’t believe it is March tomorrow. Where has the last 2 months gone?



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