Omg! Spa day

Omg spa day! It was fab. I had a McDonald’s breakfast to set me off then I settled in for my treatments. I had an hour long Indian head message at 10am followed by an hour long full body massage then I had a half hour break where I relaxed in the relaxation room with some water. Then I had a half hour facial. I felt so serene when I left at 1pm.

I came home and caught up with supernatural and laid in bed being totally lazy until I had to go and pick Scarlett up from nursery at 4:30!!! I missed her but it WAS so lovely to have a little “me” time.

Saturday we didn’t go to Stratford in the end. I had a nasty headache and Scarlett didn’t feel very well. She slept basically all day and it was obviously much needed and she wouldn’t have been able to do that at a party, so then she would have been a nightmare later on. I apologied to my friend and said I’d post little man’s presents in the week. My BMF went to the party. I saw her snapchats and I was sad to have missed out but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Scarlett did some steps. Finally. I was super excited (you can tell in the video lol)

Sunday we had dinner at my nan’s house but she had a full house so we didn’t stay as long as usual. She dished up for 18 people. That was 8 kids and 10 adults. Too hectic! I washed up then we went home. 

Monday I woke up so late, mom was late in from work in the morning to pick us up and her car had trouble because the inside was frozen due to the water leak she’s had. Total nightmare. I got to work 15 minutes late and just felt like I shouldn’t have even got up. Anyone else would have a baby who wakes up at 6am and can be used as an alarm but not me. I have a kid who sleeps mostly till I wake her. Lazy cow! I was in a foul mood all day and I have no idea why. I just felt so irritable!
Today was a better day. I’m thankful that I’m busy at work because it means I don’t spend a lot of time thinking and overthinking. I’m really struggling with the fact I cannot afford to move out yet. I really need to. It’s affecting me mentally and emotionally because I don’t feel in control of my own child’s life, because we are effectively living in “someone else’s” house. All I can do is save, save, save.

Scarlett went to bed at 7:15. She woke up about 12:20. Her eczema is bad and her leg is hurting her so I changed her nappy and re-creamed her sore leg then put her back down. She laid down but kept sitting up so I got her back out and decided she may be hungry so I got some antibiotics down her and then she had a 5oz bottle. She drained it flat and has been laying in her cot talking to herself and playing with her TedTed. I can’t sleep whilst she’s awake so tomorrow will be fun when I’m knackered lol

She’s gone quiet, I think!



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