The tiredness is real

I had a whole year off from having a monthly visit from the PMS bitch that is mother nature and I damn well enjoyed it. My periods returned in April last year, 3 months postpartum. They were massively sporadic to start with, to the point that I actually thought I was pregnant again, even though I knew the chance was SO SLIM because we had been beyond careful. But anyway, I wasn’t, thank god and they returned to normal by fall.

Problem I have is, I have always been a heavy bleeder and when it comes to my week “on”, I feel exponentially exhausted. Which is ridiculous because I have a baby at home and I am not “that tired” normally and I am her sole care giver. But yes, when “on” I feel like I need to nap for a week.

It has made my week so exhausting and hard work. I have also had “bad headaches” all week. Thankfully NOT migraines. I am usually prone to a menstrual migraine, or two. Haven’t had too many of them in the last year. I had 2 in October (around about the time my hormones started settling back in to “yay I am not pregnant anymore” mode) and one in December and then one last month (January).

This week I have STRUGGLED to stay awake at work yet when I am at home after work I feel “fine”. I must just plough through the tiredness.

I am glad I am off tomorrow. Spa day!

It’s February. Like how? New months creep up like that. This time last year Scarlett was 8 days old. I miss her squishy newborn days but I do love watching her explore, learn and grow. She’s so fascinating to watch. She plays quite happily on her own with her toys and I love watching her.

It was my cousins birthday yesterday and my godson’s birthday today. I have too much planned for February and not enough time, or money lol the daughter of my BMF (best mom friend) is 1 next weekend so I’m going to theirs for a sleepover on the Friday and then to her party on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it. The girls will have such fun together. She’s almost walking, whereas Scarlett still has a bit to go. She took two steps the other day but it’s not a common occurrence at the moment and she still refuses to let go off whatever she’s holding.

This weekend we are going to a birthday party for another baby who’s turning 1. It’s in Stratford so it’s not too close to us but it’s not too bad. Funnily enough, I met this baby and his mama in Stratford last year when they were all so tiny.

I’m on lunch ATM. I love that I am many things. A mother. A full time worker. A blogger. A girlfriend. A lover. 



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