Tea party fit for a princess

Thursday my little princess went to nursery and I went back to bed after she was picked up. I hadn’t planned to but I thought fuck it, I deserve it. When I got up my Nan had just picked Scarlett up, so she picked me up too and we had some lunch. Then she went down for a nap.

I didn’t do a lot the rest of Thursday and once she was in bed I just caught up on TV and enjoyed knowing I wasn’t working the next day.

Friday I sent her off to nursery then I set about sorting her room, and mine. I managed to do it all in 3 hours. I still need to hoover my room but our hoover is broken at the moment! My mom picked me up at about 2 and we went shopping. I needed to pick up some stuff for the party as well as some food for work next week. We went to my Nan’s after we had dropped the shopping home so I could give her the bits I bought for the party. It was my Dad’s birthday so I sent him a message on Facebook. I had sent him a card from me and a separate one from Scarlett. It is actually his second birthday since she was born as she just made it last year by 2 days lol

Brett came down late Friday night. He didn’t get to ours until gone midnight. He went in and gave Scarlett a kiss on her head and woke her up. To say I was pissed would be an understatement. I had a headache, it was late and I just don’t want her awake at midnight because she ends up mad as hell the next day, and who deals with her in the AM? Me! It took until 2am to get her back down.

Today Brett didn’t get up till almost midday. Fucking irritated me. I was up with Scarlett at 7:30 and I was tired as fuck. We got picked up by my grandad at 12:30 so we could go to Asda to get her birthday cake plus a few extra party bits.

After Asda we went to my nan’s so I could help with stuff. Decorations were up and food was laid out. I put some make up on and got Scarlett changed into her dress.
My dad turned up with my stepmom and kids. We had a lovely afternoon then we did her cake.

Her cake

Birthday girl

Baby is one!


Me, Brett and Scarlett


She’s in bed and we are watching some tele at the moment.



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