Baby girl is ONE!!!

So today is the day. My bobblehead is ONE YEARS OLD. It’s weird but I don’t feel emotional. I feel excited. Everyone else I’ve spoken to about their baby hitting one has said they “cannot deal” and “feel so emosh, how has this come around so quickly”. It feels strange to know a year ago today she had just been born, I’d been sewn up and was hooked up to meds and catheter lol

We had a chilled day. She woke up at 7:45am. My mom had worked the night before so she was in bed eating toast before going to sleep. So we popped our heads round her bedroom door to say Hi. She loves her nanny so much. She had a birthday kiss and a cuddle then I took her downstairs for a bottle. She had her bottle then we opened her presents and all her cards. She got so many cards!!!

She had some porridge after playing with her new toys for a bit. She got a mini drum set which she loved. And thing peg thing that you bang with a wooden hammer lol she liked that too!

I cleaned her up and dressed her then she went down for a nap. She slept for an hour then my dad popped in for a super quick cuppa and to say hello to the birthday girl. After he left we got ready and walked to my nan’s house.

We stayed for lunch and Scarlett entertained us all. She played with the dog and did lots of exploring. My grandparents have recently rearrange their lounge and re-painted the walls. The room is now twice the size and very open planned. Scarlett loved crawling from one end to the other. She also liked touching EVERYTHING (which included the newly now in-sight plug sockets – eye roll). My Nan offered us dinner, by us I mean me, Scarlett, mom and Jordan. So we had dinner. My mom got up at half 3 and came round. Scarlett ate so much dinner and then a pudding too.

We left at 5pm as my moms friend was coming round for a cuppa and a catch up plus she had a gift for Scarlett. She’s one of her godmothers. Even though technically she weren’t christened lol

She came round. She got Scarlett this light up noisy drum thing. It’s pretty cool. It spins and makes sounds. Lights up when it spins or you press the drum part.

Scarlett went up for a bath at 6ish and then had her bottle at 6:30. She was so ready for bed. She had sad tired eyes and was very clingy. So at 6:45 I laid her down, kissed her and left. By 7:15 she was full on asleep. I can’t believe she’s 1. She looks too small to be 1 lol

I watched the last catch-up episode of Taboo and then I put a film on. It was weird. It’s called The Curse of Sleeping Beauty.

I just washed up a bunch of dishes and now I’m in bed. 

She’s back at nursery tomorrow as I have lots of sorting out to do. There’s so much Christmas stuff to sort out. There’s clothes she got. Need to check the ages and if they are what will fit now then I’ll put them in her drawers. If not, then in to her box storage for later.

We’ve had a good day considering she’s still not 100%.

It’s official. I’m a mother to a one year old little girl!!!!



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