52 weeks (and 2 sleeps left)

Friday we got the train to Brett’s at 6pm. She slept for most of the journey and when we got off the other end she was still sleeping, even when I transferred her from stroller to car seat. She eventually woke up when we pulled up to his house.

He was in the shower when we arrived. He came down the stairs and when she saw him she was super excited. She did that weird (but insanely cute) excited face she now does.

As she had slept for 2 hours, so late in the day I knew she wouldn’t go to bed at  7-7:30 like normal. Managed to get her bathed, have her bottle and in bed by about 9ish.

We had some dinner and then I grabbed a super quick shower before plonking down in bed. Brett played some PS4 then he climbed into bed too.

Saturday she woke up at 8:45. Lazy moo. She had her bottle then went back down for a bit. Then woke up for some porridge. After porridge I cleaned her up (she was a mess) and dressed her. She was tired again (she’s hit a growth spurt I think) so I gave her a few ounces of milk and put her back down for a nap.

In the afternoon we went and visited some of Brett’s family. Apparently they’ve been dying to meet her. So we saw his cousins for an hour. She loved the attention lol we drove back and we had some lunch.

His family had got her some birthday presents and cards etc so Brett’s mom said we should open it all Saturday night and then do her cake. So she opened (meaning I opened, she “helped” lol) her presents then we had dinner. After dinner we did her cake, sang to her and then she ate some. She loves cake lol

Us saying Happy Birthday to her 

Eating her birthday cake lol

She went to bed at 10ish but woke up at 1am crying so Brett picked her up for a bit. She isn’t 100%, she’s still got that damn cough. She needed a cuddle! I think I went to bed at like 2am.

Sunday she woke up at 8ish. Had a bottle then played. Then had porridge. I dressed her and put her back down for a nap. She woke up midday just as Brett woke up. She had lunch but she wouldn’t eat much. She kept crying. I think she was constipated a little (rarely happens so I wasn’t sure). I gave her some watered down OJ and it worked because about an hour later she did a massive poop. Yay for OJ lol

We had our roast dinner about 2ish. Brett said his head was hurting, again. So he went to lay down. Scarlett was strapped in the stroller (so I could eat with both hands for a change) and Brett’s brother was feeding her some chicken off his plate and his mom was giving her potato and vegetables lol so basically she had a roast dinner. Which normally on a Sunday she would have but as she’d been so upset earlier on I had said not too worry about her. She ate it nonetheless so she must’ve been hungry.

I quickly packed up our crap and we loaded it in the car and set off. We decided to leave Brett asleep. Why wake him to say bye when he’s not well. Just mean to do that. He didn’t agree. He woke up about 20 minutes after we’d set off and I was just getting on the train. He sent me a shitty message and then when I replied saying that I was just trying to be nice he went off on a long ass rant. I just eye rolled my phone and ignored him.

Scarlett fell asleep as we got on the train at 4pm. We were due to change at Clapham. We arrived there at 4:20pm and our next train, to home, was 4:38pm. We waited on the platform from 4:30 until about 5:25pm. Ridiculous. Apparently there was a signalling problem which had caused a half hour delay. Yeah, no kidding. Thankfully she was still asleep.

She didn’t wake until just before we got off the train at 6:15pm. My Nan picked us up and dropped us home.

Scarlett was glad to be home. She had missed her uncle JuJu (Jordan is too difficult to say so trying to teach her to call him JuJu lol). And when my mom came in at 7 she did her weird excited face. She loves her nanny.

My brother had been cooking dinner for him and my mom. He said there enough potato and veg for Scarlett, and he dished me up a few potatoes. So the little greedy pants had another dinner. Then I took her up for a bath, followed by bottle and bed.

I went to bed quite early as I had work today. I think I was asleep by 11. But I woke up at 5am in agony. My head felt like it was on fire. Bloody migraine. I scrambled around in the dark trying to find the good drugs lol I located paracetamol and ibuprofen. Down they went and then I laid in bed curled up waiting for the pain to jog on. It must’ve eventually gone as the next thing I know it’s 7am and I’m running late! Oops!

Today my little bubba love is 52 weeks old. Now don’t ask me how it works this way. But. Technically 52 weeks ago today, she was born. But. Her birthday isn’t actually until Wednesday. She was born on the 25th which was a Monday last year. And exactly 52 weeks on from that day, is today. So at 11:58am today, last year, I had just had her and was being sewn up. Madness!

Today was long at work. It felt so dragged out but it’s because it’s a Monday. I always struggle Mondays.

Scarlett can say uh-oh when she drops things now. And she is climbing more and more. She must think she is a monkey!

I’m in bed. Work tomorrow, then off for 3 days. After tonight it’s just one more sleep till my baby is one!



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