Less than a 1 week 

We haven’t done a lot this week. Scarlett had a full day of nursery on Monday, like usual. She was shattered and was in bed by 7pm. She has still got her awful cough and I think she is getting a cold, again, as she has constantly had a runny nose. I hope it is all gone by her birthday next week.

She is 1 in 6 days time. Where has the time gone? She is so cheeky. She is so loving too.She loves giving kisses. She gets jealous of her dolly if I pick it up and say “aww my baby”. She climbs all over me and throws it on the floor lol #JealousBitch

She’s got 6 birthday cards through the mail already. She’s doing well lol

I was off sick today because I had had a bad head Wednesday and then was up every hour consoling Scarlett as she was coughing then crying. By the morning I had a full blown migraine even though I’d tried to head it off with meds in the night!!! So I sent her off for her half day at nursery and climbed back in bed after having a drink and some nibbles.

I woke up at 12:30. I felt much better. More refreshed and less headache-y! #Winning

I walked to my nan’s house for 1:30. I knew Scarlett would be asleep so I chilled, had a cuppa tea and caught up with my grandparents. I don’t see them much as I’m at work in the week.

She woke up, had a cuppa tea (she loves tea) then we went to Morrisons to pick up some nappies and bits then we went home.

She went to bed at 7:30 but she didn’t settle till 8. She’s really not happy this week, my poor grumpy butt!!!

Reading her book together

Drinking her tea with uncle Jordan.

I am waiting for Blindspot at 9pm. Then I’m going to finish packing for Brett’s this weekend then go to bed :)



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