10 days …

We’ve had a fairly decent weekend. It was just me and Scarlett in the end. Brett wasn’t well. Man flu. Amongst other things *eye rolls harder than a guy on viagra*

Friday she went to bed at 7pm. I enjoyed my evening. I watched some tele and just relaxed. I must’ve fell asleep about 11 (Fitbit says so) because I was abruptly woken up at five past midnight by her crying for her dummy (it was next to her). So I must’ve nodded off for an hour. I sorted her and climbed back into bed and off I went back to sleep.

Saturday she didn’t wake up until 8:45am. What a lazy moo. I don’t mind, obvs. Just surprised me. I got a good solid 9 hours (minus the few minutes at midnight I was up). She had her bottle then she played a little. She then had some breakfast. We shared some marmite on toast. She’s definitely my child because she loves marmite. #winning

I dressed her, made her a few ounces of milk and she went down for a nap. She slept for a solid 90 minutes then once she was up we left for town. She’s unbelievably so good on the bus (and trains). She’s such a good traveller. I couldn’t ask for a better behaved baby. I do feel lucky!!! We went to Burgerking and had some lunch. Mama daughter lunch date. Her first ever BK. She had chicken, chips and some water. She loved it. I had the same, minus the water. I had a coke instead lol

After lunch we went to the post office so I could send the birthday cards for our pregnancy buddy group’s babies birthdays. I decided last month I would send all the babies a 1st birthday card, those who wanted to join in and give me their address. Everyone wrote them on my status in the group and I got the cards, wrote everything and then sent off all of January’s ones as well as the first week of February. I’ll send the rest at the end of the month. It’s exciting.

We decided to hit soft play for half hour. I say “we” but really I decided, obviously lol we paid and I parked her pram up in the tiny space left. Omg it was so busy. I forgot it was a Saturday lol we stayed 30 minutes then we left as my mom was picking us up (it was pissing down).

Had a lazy afternoon. She went to bed at 7ish again. She’s getting really good at going to bed. She rarely plays up. She has the odd occasion but usually if her teeth are hurting bad or her eczema is playing up. She’s started scratching her bad leg lately. It’s so annoying because I’m like “bub stop, you’ll make it more sore” and she just looks at me and carries on!

I had a nice hot relaxing bath and then I climbed into bed to catch up on more season 12 of Supernatural then I went to bed.

Today she woke up at 7ish. She had a bottle then she played a little. We did some silly dancing. It’s her new thing, dancing. See below.

We shared some breakfast again then I dressed her. She had a bit of milk then went down for an hours nap. Once she was up we got ready and my grandparents picked us up as we were going with them to see my great gran. So we visited her. Scarlett crawled like a madwoman all around the lounge at the old folks place. Kept my gran amused watching her lol

We left after 12 and headed home. We stopped at Morrisons as I needed some bits for lunch then we went to my nan’s as she was cooking a roast dinner. Scarlett had a bottle then went down for a nap (all that crawling knackered her out). We ate dinner then she woke up and had her own dinner. She loves my nan’s cooking. After dinner we had a cuppa tea and my mom finished work so she turned up for her dinner. She ate, we had another tea (Scarlett had one too) and then we scooped our stuff up and left for home. It was gone 5pm by then so I bunged Scarlett in the bath at 5:30. She was whinging for bed by 6. Tried to drag it out till 6:30. She actually laid down on her blanket next to my brother and was saying “mama I tired” so I made her bottle and she was in bed before 7.

I just climbed into bed when she had gone to sleep and binge watched Supernatural. I turned it off at 11ish as I had caught up and now I’m just trying to sleep as I have work tomorrow. I need a new job. I’ve applied to a bunch but haven’t heard back from any except for the courtesy “we’ve got your CV” email that you get in reply.



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