It snowed, for 5 minutes

So it snowed yesterday. For all over about 5 minutes. The ground was too wet for it to lay as the previous day it had rained on/off all day. I was a little sad it didn’t lay as it would’ve been BABY’S FIRST SNOW! Sadly, it didn’t lay so she wasn’t able to get in her snow suit and have a play lol

It is less than a fortnight until Scarlett’s First Birthday. She is having a tea party for it, on the Saturday after her birthday. I can’t believe how quickly that has gone.

This time last year I was 37 weeks pregnant and wondering what she was going to look like. What she would weigh. Would she arrive safely. How would I labour. Would it go okay? I genuinely had no clue, but one thing I did know, from the pit of my stomach, was that she would come early. And she did. I went into labour (water broke) 9 days before I was due, and she was born 6 days early.

She was 50 weeks on Monday. I forgot to say. We are so close to week 52. I will be the mother of an almost toddler. She learns so much every day. She can wave, clap and high five. She says mum, nanny, daddy, yeah, hiya and very sure she said No once lol

I have Specsavers tomorrow. I am long overdue an eye test! Brett may be down this weekend but not sure. If not, we’ll just have a chilled weekend. I need to catch up on sleep and start my second book of the year. I am only 3 pages in lol



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