2 weeks until her birthday!

I’ve been so damn tired this week. I knew having a busy weekend would kick me in the butt. Not just me either. Scarlett’s been shattered. She had her first accident at nursery. She was sent home with an incident report. She was reaching to stand at the table (like normal) and she slipped and bumped her head. She was tired. She gets clumsy when she’s tired.

I cannot believe that she’ll be a year old in 2 weeks. This time last year I was 37 weeks pregnant and fed up. I couldn’t wait to get her out. She kept “not moving” and I was forever up the hospital in the weeks leading up to her birth. When they say it goes quick, they aren’t joking. It’s gone faster since I’ve been back at work. The weeks go quicker because I’m busy in the week. Christmas sailed by. Next it’ll be Valentine’s Day then Easter then the summer. I worked it out earlier. She’ll go to school in September 2020. That’s literally just 3.5 years away. WTAF? I’ll be 29. Wow! Just wow!

I think I’ll just go cry in the corner lol

I am glad it’s Wednesday. That means half the week is gone. Just 2 more work days then I can finally have a chill weekend. Well as much chill as you can have with an ALMOST 1 YEAR OLD in the house lol



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