Happy Blessing Day Baby

The week was crazy slow, even though it was a 4 day week instead of 5. I think being unwell was why it felt so damn slow! By Friday I practically celebrated the weekend by skipping out of the office at 5pm.

Saturday morning Scarlett had her Cake Smash session booked in for 10am. She was still suffering with a cold but she quite enjoyed herself. She basically just sat on the floor snacking on cake. It took a lot of encouragement to get her to actually “smash” it lol

After the cake smash we went to my Nan’s. She was busy cooking up all the food for the blessing the next day. I wanted to decorate the hall the night before but they locked it up at 7pm and didn’t tell me so when we got ready to go and do it, it was too late. We agreed between us that I simply didn’t have time to do it in the morning so I prepped instead, and mom said she’d go and decorate. What I did was put all the balloons together, after they were filled with helium. I put 2 balloons on 1 string and then each had rice in silver paper as a weight. All done by me. All we had to put up were 2 banners and some bunting, plus the balloons, which were to just go on the tables.

I got up Sunday at 7:30am. I fed Scarlett her bottle then I got her dressed. I put her in the cot so I could sort myself out but she was very whingy and it was taking me twice as long to do stuff so I ended up plonking her down with my brother so I could get on. We were being picked up at 9am. I was running late. Ended up leaving for the church at 9:10 and didn’t get in there until 9:25am. I was suppose to be there for 9:15am. Oh well!

We took our designated seats and the service started. The blessing was done in the first 15 minutes of the service. Brett and I went up to the front with Scarlett. Then we sat back down for the remainder of the service. When it was finished we all drove over to the Football Club for food and drinks. I was pleased with the turn out. More people came than I expected. All the food was eaten and I cut the cake just before people started leaving so most took home a piece, or two, of cake.

Overall we had a good day. I think Scarlett was knackered from all the different people. She sat with my stepmom and ate a bit of cake. Why not, it’s her Blessing Day after all lol

We went to my nan’s afterwards for a cuppa tea and a natter. Not everyone. Just a few close family. We left in the evening as I had stuff to do as I’m back in work tomorrow. I’m so tired!! Don’t feel like I’ve relaxed at all this weekend. Literally jumped Friday or Sunday. No breaks! She’s in bed and I’m just watching supernatural in bed.



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