Back at work

I feel like utter shit. I forgot how draining a cold can be. Especially with a touch of flu. I spent all Monday feeling like shit. I kept going hot/cold/hot/cold which was super fun! Plus I had this jarring headache ALL DAMN DAY. Brett looked after S for a few hours so I could take some painkillers and nap, in an effort to shake the headache. No such luck.

He went home at 7ish. I sorted Scarlett for bed and after a bottle I put her down but she wouldn’t settle. Turned out she was still hungry. She drained another 5oz bottle then went to bed. She never drinks that’s much. She had 30 oz that day. Plus 3 meals and snacks. Fatty!

I went to bed at 11 as I had a bath then watched Silent Witness. I forgot it was on and got in the bath at 9pm so had to watch it on playback at 10pm.

I got up for work yesterday at 7am. I was meant to be up at 6:15am. I ignored my alarm apparently. But oh well. I still made it to work with time to spare and that was including taking a detour past McDonald’s for a breakfast wrap lol the day went really quickly which was a bonus. I got in from work and Scarlett was all over me like a rash. I think it was because she had spent 10-11 days straight with me and suddenly was back at nursery so she missed me. She kept rubbing my shoulder and looking at my face then kissing me. Sadly it means all our cold/flu germs are merged. She has an awful cough now. She was in bed by 7pm. She had a 7oz bottle which she drank in one go. I heard her cough a fair few times before I went to bed at midnight. I watched Silent Witness at 9pm then from 10 I was reading my book. I am 70% completed. It is a kindle book so it doesn’t count by pages. Just percentages. It is a good book. I am aiming to read 15 at least this year, however I have set my challenge to 20.

Today I am struggling. I was awake on and off all night with a fever. I was either hot or cold. I couldn’t get comfy and my head was hurting again. Oh, and the coughing was keeping me up. Mine and Scarlett’s. She kept coughing in the night. The monitor lit up a lot lol

I am on lunch so I am going to just read my book. I don’t fancy socialising. My throat is sore and my head hurts.


Ps. Her birthday is 3 weeks today. And her blessing is this Sunday!


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