Happy New Year Baby

Well we watched the midnight fireworks then we watched another film. We were just going to bed at 3am and Scarlett woke up crying. We figured out she was hungry. She is NEVER hungry in the night. She is obviously having a growth spurt. So Brett gave her a 5oz bottle and she drained it then went back to bed. Bless her.

We went to sleep at 4ish. I got up today at 8ish with Scarlett. Sorted her with a bottle then she played a little before having some porridge. After she ate her breakfast she was ready for a nap so I put her to bed then climbed into my own bed, alongside Brett.

She woke up an hour or so later so I dressed her and she had a more play time then I dressed. We went to my nan’s for New Year’s Day roast, like always. She did lamb and chicken. Scarlett thoroughly enjoyed her dinner. And her pudding lol I think she had a bit of everyone’s pudding. Greedy moo!

We came home in the evening. She had a bath, bottle and bed. Brett and I watched a film now we are going to bed. I am shattered. Too many late nights and then early mornings.


Ps. Scarlett’s birthday is 24 days away!


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