Baby’s first tooth!!

We didn’t end up going out yesterday. Which was fine. It was so cold out. The ground was frozen. Stuff that! She’s already got a little cough and snotty nose. No need to make her worse by dragging her out in the cold.
She had a cheese spread sandwich again for lunch. And again she wiped it all over the sofa lol she’s so good, it’s unreal. I’m so lucky. She’s really taken a shine to Brett’s parents and she keeps calling his mom “nanny”. I wasn’t sure at first if she was doing that as she chats away all day but she keeps saying it and looking directly at her so yeah, that’s her other nanny.

She had pasta for dinner then I did bath time and let her play before bed. Brett’s mom watched her whilst we ate our dinner then I gave her a bottle and put her in the cot. She wouldn’t settle so I grabbed the bonjela and just as I swept my finger along her bottom gums (like normal) I bloody felt it. A tooth. A bloody tooth has broken through. About time. At 11 months and 4 days my little bobblehead has finally got a tooth! I’m so proud of her. She had no fuss over it till it was bedtime then it must’ve bothered her.

She scratched her face when she was in the cot – not sleeping! So we got the nail clippers out and the MIL cut her nails. She clipped her thumb which bled a little but I’ve done the same. So it’s NBD. Didn’t stop her getting upset about it. I told her it’s fine, Scarlett’s fine. It’s just one of them things. Kids move when you try to cut their nails. No idea why. Nails don’t hurt lol

Got her to go bed at 9ish. Brett had a shower whilst I laid in bed reading my book then he played some PS4. I think I fell asleep before he turned it off and climbed in to bed. I don’t recall him getting into bed so I must’ve. I was tired. Being unwell the day before had drained me. Also, not eating much, that meant I had less energy that I would have normally.

Scarlett woke up at 7:50am today. I changed her wet nappy then made her a bottle. She drank that then she climbed all over me. She started getting a bit tired so I put her back down for a nap at about 8:45. I’m laid in the bed next to Brett as his room is warm. I’m not tired. Just cold. The front room was freezing this morning.

Going to read my book. We are off back to my house on the train later.



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