Mama is sick

Omfg. I woke up at 6:30am with bellyache. I thought that I was hungry as I’d barely eaten the day before so I made myself a tiny bowl of cereal. I took a few mouthfuls then I ran to the loo to be sick. Whatever my brother had Sunday/Monday had obviously passed to me. Awesome! So I woke Brett up and asked if he’d get up with Scarlett. She woke up at 7ish so he sorted her out. I laid out on the sofa (everyone was asleep) so I was closer to the stairs. His room is donwatairs but it’s a nightmare getting in and out and when I needed to go, I needed to go! He fed her, put her back down for a nap then he went to sleep again himself. I watched some tele and rushed up and down the loo.

She woke back up at 10ish and he got up to do her porridge etc. I wasn’t sick again from about 11ish but I still had diarrhoea so I had some flat Coke and his mom got me some Imodium when she went shopping. Yay for mother-in-laws lol

Overall my day was skanky. I still had my pyjamas on from the night before. I’m on my lady thing so that added to the skankiness. I felt like I hadn’t washed in years (not true, it was only a day or so). Brett looked after Scarlett all day and when it came to bath time I joined them in the bathroom so I could watch. He gave her a bottle and I jumped in the shower quickly. I felt so much better just washing my hair, brushing my teeth properly and changing my clothes. I’m wearing the new pyjamas the MIL got me. They’re comfy. I don’t feel sick now. Just hungry.

Brett has gone to see his 2 pals for a few hours. Which is fair enough. He needed a break. He’s never had Scarlett for that long and I was fine to take over. She played on the floor with his mom and brother. And kept walking the furniture to shout at his dad. She never use to be like that as she doesnt see them that often but she’s obviously more comfortable now. She finally went to bed (after a massive poop) at 9ish so I’m just sat in the front room watching the darts with the in-laws. I’m hungry but I’m not starving so I’ll have a small something before I go to bed. Maybe toast?

I’m so thankful to Brett for having her all day. And his mom. As she made her lunch (cheese spread sandwiches) and cooked her dinner (fish fingers and mash) followed by some pudding (a yoghurt). She’s been utterly spoiled today.

Hoping to take her to a soft play centre in Wimbledon tomorrow. Should be a laugh and gets us out in the fresh air. I’ve been cooped up too much today!



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