Baby’s First Christmas

So surprisingly Scarlett didn’t have me up in the night. I woke up about 4-5 times myself to check on her, because yanno, she’s sick. But she slept from 9pm till 7am this morning. 

I got up and risked making a bottle of milk for her. She drank the whole 5oz then we had an hours nap together in my bed all cuddled up. It was nice.

Then we went downstairs to watch some TV.

At about 8:45 she was whinging for breakfast so I did her some porridge. She wolfed that down then a small cup of tea. At 9:30 my my mom got up followed by my brother. I cleaned the porridge off Scarlett and dressed her then we sat down to open ours gifts. She wasn’t overly interested in helping. She was happy just playing with wrapping paper or any toys WE unwrapped and gave to her lol

She’s so clever. We only showed her twice what to do with the balls then she did it!

She was the best gift ever!!!

Nan and her two eldest grandchildren (aka the faves)

Me and my Nan. She’s the best one ever. Love her a lot. Me and Scarlett would be lost without everything she does for us!


Christmas kisses

We’ve had a fab day. We opened our presents at my nan’s house as soon as my grandad got back from picking my great-gran up from the old folks home. Then Scarlett had a nap whilst we ate dinner then she woke and had hers. She loves her nana’s dinners.

We stayed till quite late. We were watching stuff on my nan’s tele and we had no reason to rush home.

Scarlett had a bath when we got in. I jumped in with her quickly as I felt hot and sweaty. I dressed her in her elf onesie. Gave her a bottle then she decided she didn’t want to go to bed so she played for a bit. We FaceTimed Brett then I put her in bed at 9. I’m hoping she’ll sleep in till maybe 7:30-8 tomorrow. She needs the sleep.
I’m in bed watching Love Actually but I’m quite tired so I may end up falling asleep lol



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