Christmas Eve 2016

Wow it’s only one more sleep till Christmas is here. There’s not a lot of Christmas spirit left in me.

Scarlett was sick at midday then she was sick again before bed at 7ish. She was starving at 9pm but I couldn’t risk giving her anything so I just gave her cooled boiled water. She drank 3oz then went to sleep. I wanted to keep her in my bed but her wouldn’t settle, she wanted her bed. Fair play to her.

I have left her door open, and mine. I am convinced she is going to be sick again and I wouldn’t hear her even though I have a baby monitor. It’s just not very loud.

I sorted her presents out to go under the tree. I tidied up the kitchen and I’ve climbed into bed myself to relax before the long day ahead of me. I’m pretty convinced she’s going to have me up, if not for sick, but for food as I know she’s bound to be hungry. We are in for a long day tomorrow!!!! Can’t believe my poor baby is unwell for Christmas. Her first Christmas. Bless her!



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