Christmas Eve “Eve” 2016

Well today Scarlett was sick in the morning. She’d been coughing in her sleep last night so I figure it was that, that she was a little phlegmy. I sent her to nursery and my Nan agreed if they called to pick her up, she’d go get her.

I went to work and my little team of 4 went to the pub for lunch. I had a delicious KFC-style chicken burger with chunky chips. I was so stuffed I could’ve been rolled back to the office haha

I picked Scarlett up from nursery for a change. The staff were like “oh hey, we haven’t seen you in ages”. Which sounds to me like “oh we forgot you’re her mom”… We picked her stuff up and left.

She made this handprint thing at nursery and I love it so much. It brought a little tear to my eye. Weird how somethings like pass me by without an emotion (and yet all my mom pals are banging on about how emosh they got) and then something like this I’m all teary lol

Her outfit for nursery today. I love her in red. She looks so damn cute!!!

We opened our Secret Santa present and Scarlett got this shape sorting train as you can see above. She loved it. She figured out the square shape but that’s about it lol she’s still clever though!

My Christmas card to Scarlett. She kept holding it so I’d like to think she loved it lol

Her Christmas card to her nanny. Couldn’t find a “nanny” one. They only had “Nanna”. They were both pleased with it haha

We have lots to do tomorrow. Need to go and get some food shopping plus last minute gifts. I’m in bed. I’m shattered. Been a long week!!!



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