6 days to go

Yep I am now doing a Christmas countdown…

So today I am fuming! The second, replacement, tree arrived and it is also broken. Half the built-in lights do not work. I am so angry with the company now. 2 broken trees. Really? FFS! So I emailed about the second faulty tree and hopefully they’ll sort it out. But what are we meant to do for a tree now?

We looked on Argos and found a 6 foot tree for £18. It was half price. So we reserved that. Mom is picking it up tomorrow.

I am just so damn angry. It is meant to be Scarlett’s first Christmas and we don’t even have a tree so the house could not look more UNfestive if it tried. I know she won’t remember, but I will. And if I hear that ONE.MORE.TIME I will scream.

Hopefully this new Argos tree will be better. I have had a shit day overall. I don’t even feel like Christmas is 6 days away. This time last year I was preparing for my last Christmas as a pre-parent person lol made how fast the year has gone.

She was 47 weeks today. Only 5 weeks left till she hits 52 and 1 years old. Mad!

Look what she did at nursery. It’s a lovely Christmas card for me. It’s brilliant. It’s my first ever. I love it!!!



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