Christmas Market

Well Brett and I took Scarlett to see santa on Sunday. We queued up for ages and took her in the grotto. She was fine all the while the door was ajar so there was light but soon as the “elf” shut the door, she screamed. On santas lap. Right when the camera went off. So the picture we have is a classic and will be shown at every opportunity because it’s funny. She got a toy and she liked what she got. She was playing with it once we left the grotto.

We wandered and then got the bus to my nan’s house as she has cooked us dinner. We ate and Scarlett had her dinner. She ate so much!!!

Brett went home in the evening and I sorted Scarlett with bath and bedtime then I had a nice hot shower.

Monday she was 45 weeks.

She’s teething like a champ and god it’s painful. All week was a nightmare. Scarlett had me up every night except Sunday. I then had to go to work for 9 hours. Proper suck-age lol I struggled. I won’t lie. Redbull was my BFF !!!!

Friday she did a full day and I think she’s getting use to it now. It’s her 4th one so that’s pretty good.

She had me up a lot last night and I was so damn tired this morning that I proper moaned to my two bestfriends. I hardly ever do that because for the most part, she’s really a good happy baby. With an attitude. But happy lol

My mom and her boyfriend were taking a trip to Chichester for the Christmas markets so we tagged along too. I posted my xmas cards and presents to various friends at the post office on the way then we set off. Scarlett slept for the whole journey after I had fed her a bottle. We had a wander around the markets then we walked out of the town centre to Whetherspoons for lunch. Scarlett had some cheesy garlic bread whilst I ate dinner and she drank water from her sippy cup. It was a proud mama moment as I had never seen her do it.

We finished eating and walked back to the car and headed back towards home. We stopped off at Morrisons to do some shopping then we went to my nan’s for a cuppa. She had put her tree up and Scarlett was very interested in it lol

After we had a cuppa we left for home. I bathed her then she had a bottle. She was very grumpy so she had some calpol and some teething powder then I put her to bed. It was 8:30. She’s usually down by 7. She rolled around a bit and stood up a few times but eventually she went to sleep. I hope she doesn’t have me up too much tonight. We are off to my dads for the day tomorrow and I’d rather she was happier than grumpier lol

I’m just in bed catching up with Once Upon A Time and eating a cheese toastie :)



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