Me, in a dress

Friday was crazy. I had work like normal but the coach was leaving for the hotel at 1:30. Brett got to my work for 12:45. I showed him my little office space. It was weird him being there lol it’s like my 2 worlds collided.

We went across the road to wait for the coach and it finally showed up at 1:50pm. It took us ages to get there. We had a pit stop in Oxford. Everyone was boozing on the journey except for me and Brett. I don’t travel well. I get motion sickness so adding alcohol to that wouldn’t have ended well.

We arrived at 5ish. By the time we’d checked in and found our room it was 5:30pm. We were technically suppose to be down in the bar at 6:15 for pre-dinner drinks. We were not going to make that even if we hadn’t got naked and made the most of a hotel room. I FaceTimed my mom so we could talk to Scarlett. She looked knackered lol we managed to be ready and downstairs at 7:45 just because the awards were announced.

At 8pm, they started bringing out our starters. I was surprised that I liked the soup. It was leak, potato and mushroom but I ate it. I was sat next to an engineers wife and she had the same dress on as me. What are the odds on that. Over 300 people in the room and we were seated next to each other.

After our mains and puddings, the plates were cleared and the live band started. There was a mix of live music and DJ music. I had started on the alcohol. I tried the table wine but I just can’t stomach wine. So I ended up having about 4 vodka redbulls and 3 vodka cokes. Brett had wine, JD and coke, vodka redbull, coke and vodka. He mixed a lot but he seemed okay. But when we went up to bed at 1:30am it hit him that he was a little bit drunk. I felt fine. I felt almost sober. I was cold as our room was freezing and the heating wasn’t coming on even though we’d put it on, following the instructions lol I was laid under the duvet trying to stay warm. Brett was in the loo but thankfully he slid in the bed and helped warm me up as he’s like a radiator!!!

Saturday (today) we got up at 9:30am. I had set my alarm and Brett had said he wanted to get up and have a shower. So we got up. Had some breakfast then grabbed our stuff and checked out.

The journey home was quicker as there was less traffic. I watched 2 episodes of vampire diaries on my iPad on the way home. We stopped half way again. This time for longer so Brett and I grabbed lunch.

My mom picked us up from my work when we got back at 2pm. We went to my nan’s as she’d left Scarlett there asleep whilst she picked us up. We had a cuppa then went home. I got Scarlett bathed and ready for bed then mom and I popped to the shops as I had no food in for work so Scarlett stayed with Brett.

We are just in bed watching some tele. We’re both tired and we have to be up and out by 10:30 because we are taking her to see santa tomorrow. Exciting!!!

Can’t believe it’s December. It’s 3 weeks till Christmas!!!!



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