December, again

So we had a shit week. Scarlett had me up all night, two nights in a row. Not her fault. She was either teething or having a growth spurt. Both nights consisted of 3 wakes up for whinging then crying then a cuddle. Then 1 wake up for a 4oz bottle. Which she drained both times.

I was absolutely shattered for 3 days. I think I only started to feel “normal” today. She has never really done the “waking in the night” thing. Even when she was newborn, she’d sleep in 4 hour increments. So I was blissfully able to get 3-4 hours at a time. So this was a hard pill to swallow this week, her waking up. I feel incredibly blessed she’s such a brilliant sleeper the other 95% of the time.

Today we opened our advent calendars. Scarlett really liked her Paw Patrol one.

I had a brill day at work. We put up our office decorations yesterday and today we put up the lights. We had to get battery operated ones as we had NO spare plug sockets lol #ComputerProblems

Scarlett went to bed at 8:30. I had my dinner and watched Blindspot with my brother. Now I’m going to jump in the bath so I can shave my legs. Can’t wear a dress with furry legs lol bring on the xmas do tomorrow!!



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