I found a bloody dress

So Saturday I got up with Scarlett at 7ish. She had a bottle then a nap then some porridge. She played whilst I ate some leftovers. Didn’t have to share this time lol my Nan said she’d take her for 2 hours so I could focus on finding a damn dress for my works Christmas do. Ordinarily I wouldn’t want to leave Scarlett at home. As I love spending the weekend with her. But I know she’s a big distraction and I desperately need to find a dress that A) I don’t completely hate and B) actually fits me. So I dropped her round my nan’s at 1ish and then went to town.

I tried Debenhams, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Evans. As well as Peacocks and Store 21. I had lost the will to live so I went online and ordered one I’d looked at in the week. I just hoped it would fit okay. It was an amazon prime product so it was due to arrive Monday.

I went back to my nan’s house. Ended up having dinner there. Scarlett had some too. Then my Nan took us home. I sorted her bath then bottle then bed. I watched a filmed in bed called Mother’s Day. It was one I’d wanted to see when I first came out in the cinema but had never got around to it. It was good.

Sunday we were being picked up at 9:30am for the cinema. She woke up at 7am. I gave her a bottle at 7:30 then she napped. She didn’t wake up till 8:45. I had to quickly give her porridge then get us dressed. We got to the cinema at 10ish. Film started at 10am but the adverts meant that by the time we’d got our tickets, got in the lift, parked the stroller and got our seats, it still hadn’t started lol Scarlett was SO brilliant. I fully expected her to not want to stay. And for £2 a ticket I would’ve happily got up and took her out. But she napped for the first hour then woke up, played on my lap then had a bottle then played some more. She watched bits of the film. She laid back on my chest staring at the screen every now and then. She only started whinging 5 minutes from the end credits. I was super proud of her!!!!! The film was The BFG. It’s brilliant. So pleased we watched (I say WE but really I did).

After cinema we went shopping as I needed some food for lunch at work all week then we got the bus to my nan’s for Sunday lunch. Scarlett ate loads of dinner and shouted for more. Little fatty.

We left in the early evening. She skipped her 4-5pm bottle, had a bath then had 6oz before bed. She went to sleep but an hour later she cried for more so I gave her 4oz so she’d have had her usual 10oz before bed (5pm – 5oz then 8pm – 5oz). She then went to bed.

Not a great nights sleep with her but could be worse.

She had her full day of nursery today and they tried to give her a bottle at 1:30pm like we said she has normally and the little Moo wouldn’t drink it. So she skipped that bottle. Then when she was picked up at 5:30 she screamed all the way home. She never screams. I made her a 6oz and she drained that then she was happier. Then an hour later after her bath she had 4oz then went to bed.

I’m just watching some tele and wrapping some more presents. I will go to bed soon.

SD and I had a row because he messaged me saying he’d found my blog (like it’s hard to find. It’s public). I told him not to message if he’s just come to start an argument. So what that he found my blog. I’ve got nothing to hide. It’s public for that reason so well done to him for finding it (eye roll). I think he was trying to find evidence that there is more than just him in the frame to be her father. I wish there was. Then I wouldn’t have to put up with him and his BS. So I think he’s not going to see her now because he isn’t 100% sure she’s his (she is) and he won’t pay for the DNA so we might as well just go our separate ways. We don’t need him. I had hoped they’d be able to develop a nice relationship but it’s not going to happen and that’s fine, at least I can tell her in 18 years that I did try my hardest. And at least it’s out in the open, his family know we exist. If they wish to see her and be part of her life then they know where she is. Entirely up to them.

I tried my dress on. It fits lovely so I’ll wear that on Friday for the works Christmas do. I can stop stressing over it now. Just need a handbag and to dig my silver wedges out.



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