Baby’s first party

So I had the longest day ever. Felt like 20 hours at work, not a mere 9.

Mom picked me up from work and we drove straight to the restaurant where my cousins party was being held. Scarlett’s first party (for child I mean, obviously she went to my aunts party 2 weeks ago) We stayed for 1 drink. Watched her blow the candles out whilst we sang Happy Birthday then we left. Scarlett had her first Party Bag. So cute! She was shattered and hungry. I had fed her at the party. She drank 3oz. She played then did a massive poop so it was bath time at 7ish.

After she was ready for bed I took her downstairs and she finished the 2oz in her bottle then we cuddled. I took her up to bed half asleep and by 8pm she was flat out sleeping. She’s so good. She only stood up a few times. Mostly she just fidgeting until she was comfy for sleep.

I watched some tele and ate my dinner. It’s payday so I ordered a cheeky Chinese. There’s lots of rice left over so that’ll be a good snack tomorrow. I suppose I’ll have to share as Scarlett LOVES rice! Lol

Tomorrow we are going shopping so I can find a bloody dress for this fancy Christmas party that my work are doing on Friday. I hate dress. Like seriously! We are also going to visit santa, if they’ve already set up the Santa Station. I’ll have a look tomorrow.

I’m in bed reading my book. I’m really in to this one. Can’t put it down. I’m about 70% read!!!



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