So last month I signed up for Sassybloom so Scarlett could have a few treats in a box monthly. The first box came and I totally forgot to blog about it (I think).

In her first box:

  • A personalised name blanket (light pink)
  • A photo album with “mom” wrote on the front
  • A story book
  • A neckerchew bib
  • A toy that she can shake (and chew)

I was very pleased with the contents of her first box. The blanket we’ve used most evenings before bed (she likes to snuggle a blanket when she has her bedtime bottle). The toy she immediately played with and still plays with in the car on the trip to my nan’s, as she drops her to nursery in the morning. The story we’ve read a few times and the photo album has a few photos in it so far. The neckerchew we haven’t used yet so I cannot comment on that just yet.

I would seriously recommend a Sassybloom box. My referral is below. Have a look for yourself.



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