Baby’s first thanksgiving

We don’t actually celebrate thanksgiving lol but it seemed an appropriate post title seeing as I have American pals who do.

Well SD text me Tuesday saying he couldn’t make tonight (Thursday), could we do Sunday instead and meet in town? I text back “No we are busy Sunday. We can’t make it”. He text back “fair enough”. Fickle. I knew he would be.

Wednesday it was just mom and I for dinner so we grabbed a chicken shish kebab and watched a bunch of TiVo catch up shows.

I’ve been reading again. Finally. I’m reading a kindle book called “Mummy said the F-word”. It’s hilarious.

Today was long. I’ve had a headache on and off for a week. It’s menstural related as I had my lady thing start on Friday. A week early. Awesome. Brett and I actually spent a whole weekend together where we didn’t get down and dirty. Not that I didn’t miss it because I did. Obvs. It was just nice to do other things like we watched a film the whole way through. We sat in the bath for like an hour chatting. It was good fun. It was much needed because parenting and dating are hard enough separately. But when thrown together, it’s crazy.

Scarlett went to bed at 7pm. I had my dinner and watched some tele whilst I wrapped some Christmas presents. Mom had bought Scarlett stuff and asked me to wrap it. So I did. I love wrapping!

Had a shower after and am now in bed reading my book. It’s Friday tomorrow yay!

It’s my cousins birthday today. She’s 3. She’s having a party tomorrow so we are going to swing by when I finish work.



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