Monday, again

We had a decent weekend overall. Except for Friday night when Brett first got to mine. We got in bed and I tried to talk to him about what happened with SD (sperm donor) and we ended up having a row, rolling away from each other in a huff and not speaking till the next day. And the next day we had a mini meltdown because I asked him what we are even doing together? Which I felt was a valid question as we just seem to be irritating each other a lot lately. We managed to figure things out in town and were fine after. We took Scarlett to soft play but she was knackered so we didn’t stay long.

We watched a film in bed after Scarlett went to bed Saturday night. We watched Pan I think. I fell asleep. Oops!

Sunday I had to go to church and had no intentions of dragging Scarlett out in the wet and windy weather. She stayed in the warm with Brett. I left at 9ish. After church was done and I had spoken to the lady who is performing the service, I left and walked to town. It was freezing out!!!! I stopped in Sainsbury’s to grab some stuff for dinner as we were fending for ourselves as my grandparents were out for the day. Usually we have a lovely roast with them. After the shops I made the most of my baby-free time and stopped in Wetherspoons for a cheeky breakfast and cup of tea. I think I got home at 12:30.

Brett and Scarlett had a good morning together. I love that I can leave her with him and I know she will be safe and cared for. We spent the day watching her play whilst we caught up with iZombie. I cooked us dinner and then he looked at train times. There was problems with the trains so we agreed he would go home today.

So today I got up with Scarlett. I sorted us both out for nursery and work then woke Brett up so we could say goodbye. Then we headed off. He messaged me at 11am to say he was on the train.

SD proper wound me up. I messaged him asking if he wanted to see Scarlett as I hadn’t heard from him in 5 days nor had he asked how she was so I assumed he had lost interest… He replied saying that he hadn’t asked because the “last time I asked I got a shitty reply”. Umm no you didn’t. I simply said she was fine like usual. That wasn’t shitty. But whatever you dickhead. Conversation went on about how I am “stopping” him seeing her because of what I said over the DNA. All I actually said was that if he has doubts that she isn’t his then PERHAPS for the time being, until the DNA is done, he should’t see her. It was a suggestion, not a “this is what is happening, deal with it”. If he carries on I bloody will, the cheeky cunt. It ended with him saying he will see us Thursday. I said ummm hang on, you haven’t asked, you’ve assumed. In future it would be prudent to ask if we are free! Subsequently we are free so I said See you Thursday. He is a class A asshole!!!

Scarlett was 43 weeks old today. Yep, still doing the weeks lol she had her new Ghostbuster shirt on. I think it is super cool lol


I am in bed watching tele at the moment. Been trying to get back in to reading books but can’t concentrate long enough. I think it is the stress and shit…



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