Throwback Thursday

Well Monday I was SHATTERED. Scarlett had me up on and off ALL NIGHT due to her awful cough and just general feelling unwellness. I went to work and felt like a zombie.

Tuesday was the same. She really isn’t well. I hate it when she is unwell. I can always tell because usually she wrecks my lounge and she hasn’t really bothered recently. Harry came to see her. He observed bath time again. That seems to be our ritual now. He interacts with her in the bath and does the washing parts whilst I get her pyjamas out in her room and get her creams ready etc. Then I dress her and the takes her back downstairs.

Wednesday (yesterday) I tried to get Scarlett a doctors appointment but after the line being busy every time I rang I gave up. Harry came around again. He gave her some milky bar chocolate. She’s never had chocolate before (like, duh, of course she hasn’t) but I didn’t say anything. It was only a little bit. He watched bath time again. When I was undressing her before the bath I pulled her shirt over her head and Harry pulled her trousers off. She looked at him like “what the fuck you doing?” It was hilarious. She had proper eyebrows going as well. He left at 7pm. I fed her her bottle and she was soon flat out so I laid her in the cot at 8pm. She has been so good considering she isn’t very well.

Today I managed to get her an appointment but it was for 11:40. I was leaving at 12 as I booked a half day so I left the office at 11:15 as I had to pick her up before going to the doctors and I needed plenty of time. I owe 45 minutes to work so I’ll just have a shorter lunch for 2 days. The doctor saw her and said she has got Bronchiolitis and to keep an eye on her breathing. If it becomes raspy or rapid to ring 111. I asked about her eczema (because of her dad and his skin, plus mine) as it has gotten really bad. I accept that the weather changing could effect her skin but she just looks so red and sore. So they’ve given her a steroid cream to try on her legs and the patch on her face plus they’ve changed her normal cream to see if that one is better. We will see.


I picked her cream up. The steroid one was available but the other one needs picking up tomorrow. She had some dinner earlier then she had a bath, like normal. I creamed her up and put some snufflebabe on her feet and chest to help her breathe. She went to bed at half 8.

I watched some tele and then did some washing up. It is Friday tomorrow. Finally the weekend. I love Friday’s at work. We can dress casual and I always seem to work harder because I know it is the weekend soon. Weird!

So ummmm the Presidential Elections for 2016 came to ahead yesterday and ummmmm Donald Trump won. There are NO words. He is in. End of. Finito. Finished. Awesome, right?

The answer to that is NO. I am so glad I am not American but I do think him being POTUS will have an effect on us here in Britain, what kind of effect is unknown. Only time will tell.

On more important news: Today marks the 1 year anniversary of our dear old friend Patricia passing. She died suddenly a year ago and after her husband’s blessing, Scarlett dedicated her middle name to her. This was decided 4 days from now (last year) when I finally learned that she WAS a she lol kept us all waiting for 29 weeks!!!! #ScarlettRosePatricia

I am in bed. I am tired. I have work tomorrow and a kind of busy weekend. We have a party Saturday and church on Sunday.



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