Baby’s first fireworks

Friday my mom was out all evening. Scarlett put herself to bed at 7pm. I fed her after her bath and she just fell straight asleep so I cuddled her till Emmerdale finished at 7:30 and then I laid her in her cot. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I ended up grabbing Chinese, a cider and watching a film by myself whilst wrapping up some stocking presents for Scarlett.

Saturday I was up at 6am with Scarlett. I decided I wanted to go to town early and get what I needed. So we were on the bus by like 10am I think. We hit the Vodafone store for my iPad. Then we went to the library so I could renew my library card. Apparently they expire every 3 years. Then I picked a bedtime story book for Scarlett and then 2 novels for myself to check out.

After he library we got the bus to my Nan’s house as I hadn’t really seen her all week plus my grandad had been in hospital for 4 days due to a bad urine infection. It was a preventative measure, being kept in, because of his transplanted kidney. If the infection had spread, he could’ve ended up seriously unwell so they kept him in to pump him full of antibiotics. He came home Thursday.

I fed her and then ate some lunch. We had soup and buttered rolls. Scarlett shared some, obviously lol!

At 2 we left and walked back home. We ended up going back up the town with my mom and her ex so she could do her upgrade. It’s in his name so he had to go so he could sign the contract renewal. Luckily they still get on fab. He was keen to see Scarlett. Last time he saw her she was only a newbie lol

She wasn’t very well that night and she ended up in my bed by 11pm. She stayed there all night which meant I didn’t sleep great. I never do when she’s in the bed with me. She seemed fine when she woke up today. Just got a bit of a cough!

Sunday (today) we had church. It was the family service so there was a lot of interactive parts of the service for the children. There was singing and Scarlett was playing on the floor near me with some toys.

The vicar had gotten the dates wrong. I spoke to him and he hadn’t meant for us to visit the church today. He had planned for us to visit next Sunday. It was fine, we were already there so obviously we stayed. After the service I walked into town. Scarlett had been asleep for 15-20 minutes. She woke up as we entered the whetherspoons. I wanted to grab breakfast so I sat her in the highchair with a vanilla biscuit so I could eat my sausage, cheese and hash brown wrap then I fed her a bottle before leaving to do some shopping. I didn’t particularly need anything so I just grabbed my Nan some plastic pots so she could fill them up with some meals for Scarlett then I can freeze them.

We got the bus home as her dad’s family were coming to visit for a bit at 2ish. Her dad’s mom turned up with her 2 other children (Scarlett’s aunties we hadn’t met) as well as her daughter we met, plus her granddaughter, who is Scarlett’s cousin. Scarlett was climbing over everything to look at everyone. Her nanna picked her up and her cousin (Darcie) got very jealous. She is only 9 months older than Scarlett so she is only a baby herself. She’s had her nanna to herself for 18 months and now she has got to share.

After they left we went to my nan’s for dinner. Then we came back home to get ready for the firework display. It started at 7pm but we got there at 6ish because we wanted to be able to get seats. We ended up waiting for 75 minutes for the show to start. Scarlett did SO well. She watched most of the display, the noise didn’t bother her at all considering she took her ear defenders off before it started lol we left as soon as it was done as she was cold and tired.

She went straight to bed when we got in and once I have sorted everything for tomorrow I will follow her.



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