Baby’s first Halloween 

Today is Halloween. Scarlett’s first one ever (technically). Last year I was 27 weeks and just starting my third and final trimester. I didn’t dress up. I just had my mom write on my bump “coming 2016” and then 2 spiders.

Scarlett was a skeleton today as the nursery told me to dress her up for the day. She looked super cute as you can see

Today she is 40 weeks. We never made it to 40 weeks. And I celebrated my due date with her, she was 6 days old. Where has the time gone?

I had a shit day at work. I went in and my computer has been moved across the room to another desk. So apparently I’m now sitting there. Okay. But none of my stuff was hooked up properly. I didn’t get any internet working until about 11:30am. I work on a database and use shared drives, all requiring internet access. Awesome. Then I had an impromptu meeting with my manager and basically if I keep being late it was implied I’d be got rid of. Even though it’s not my fault I’m late. I have to rely on others, due to there no longer a bus running before or at the time I need to be in work so my next best thing is my mom taking me when she gets in from work. Sometimes she’s out late which makes me late. Often we hit traffic. Also, because I’ve had to have a few days off with MY SICK CHILD, my own “sickness” attendance record is “creeping” up, apparently. And it’s bad form it only be back in the office for a month and already have a day off myself. Not really sure how I can just stop myself having a migraine. I get them with my periods so I’m bound to have at least one a month. I cannot stop them. I’d love to. They’re nasty cunting things. But whatever. New job is needed asap I guess!

Harry came over tonight to see Scarlett. He observed bath time and played with her in the bath. I told him she’ll get use to him the more and more he sees her. Twice a week is enough for now.

I’m in bed. Hoping to get some sleep. Scarlett went to bed at 7pm. That’s really early for her but I figured it out. She’s obviously still on the hour forward. So technically it’s 8pm for her, which is when she’d usually be going to bed so makes sense I guess. She’ll probably have me up at 5am tomorrow lol brilliant.

I’m off to sleep. I’m shattered. This full working parent thing is hard!!!



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