Halloween Eve

Harry didn’t come round on Tuesday in the end. He said his asthma was bad so could we rearrange. I said that’s fine. So we arranged for Thursday instead.

Scarlett progressively got worse all week. She had me up EVERY night with her sore bum but also with a fever.

Wednesday night she had me up on and off all night. Her voice sounded hoarse. She had a fever and she just would not settle.

Thursday morning we noticed a slight rash. I phoned work and explained she was sick then I told her nursery. I managed to book her a doctors appointment. Waited 90 minutes to be seen. The rash got worse between leaving home, the 90 minute wait and being seen. The doctor said it was just viral but the fever needs to come down so to continue on Nurofen and Calpol.

That evening Harry came round to cheer her up. He stayed for an hour.

Friday I stayed off with her again. She still wasn’t 100% and it’s not fair on her or the nursery to send her in if she’s grotty. She just wanted her mom. I had errands to run so to get some fresh air we did them in the afternoon. My new phone arrived. So I set that up in the evening. It’s so much better than my old one!!

Brett came down in the evening. And we had some dinner together. We stayed up (stupidly) till 4am talking and stuff. We watched a DVD too. The Lincoln Lawyer. I’ve seen it but he hadn’t. He said it was a good film. It was nice hanging out. Not so nice getting up with Scarlett a few hours later though lol I did manage to get her to go back to sleep I think. I can’t remember. I’m very tired lol

Saturday we chilled out in the morning. Then in the afternoon we went to Mothercare for Scarlett’s 9 month (Halloween incorporated) photoshoot at Pixifoto. They did her 12 week ones before. They did a few of her in her Halloween outfit (its a vest that says “my first Halloween” on it, with a multicoloured ra-ra skirt and headband) then we changed her for some pictures of us with her, me with her and Brett with her. They’ve come out lovely. I picked and paid for 10 pictures plus 1 complimentary one and 1 storyboard of 4 pictures. So excited!

We went out for an all you can eat (but it is cooked to order) buffet Chinese restaurant. 6 months I have been with Brett and I never knew he was such a fussy eater. He doesn’t eat Chinese. Awesome. I felt bad. I SHOULD know this stuff. I said to him, as it was a dinner to celebrate my grandparents wedding anniversary and it was MY idea I was obligated to go but he wasn’t. If he wanted to stay at home with Scarlett, he could. He thought about it but he decided he would give it a go. Scarlett sat in a highchair at the table with us and she tried duck, satay chicken, seaweed and egg fried rice with curry sauce. She liked everything I gave her. She ate so much, it was unreal. She must be having a growth spurt.

We watched another film in bed after she had gone down. I was knackered so I tried to sleep as it was a film, again, I had seen and he hadn’t. Magic Mike. But I only really dozed a little.

Sunday I got up with Scarlett. She drank her bottle then went back to bed for a little bit. Then she woke up for her porridge. So we shared then I dressed her so my mom could take her to visit my great-nan at the old folks home. I jumped back in bed when they left. I desperately needed some more sleep. I felt weird using my baby-free to sleep. When Brett and I first met we use to use our rare baby-free time to have sex, sex, sex. We still have A LOT of sex but sleep is so important now we are BOTH working lol

We got up and walked to my nan’s for dinner. Bub was asleep so we ate in peace, for a change lol

I washed up then we left for home. Brett got the train home at 7ish.

The photos from our photoshoot finally came through on email. They are better than I expected. Check them out.




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