Hump day

Yes I mean Wednesday. I don’t mean I have the hump. I am fine, surprisingly.

I’ve accepted my new desk. Grudgingly. I’m not very good with unexpected change. If I had been forewarned then I’d have been fine. It’s the whole springing it on me part that wound me up.

Harry came over again tonight. Twice a week seems to be how we are rolling lol she’s getting more use to seeing him as she leaned in to kiss him. Which she’s not done to him before. It was really rather cute!

I think that’s all for this week from him. I am meeting his mom on Sunday (I think). Her youngest two want to meet Scarlett and I think her daughter Ella (who I met before) wants to bring her daughter this time. She’s 18 months old. She was born in May, last year. It was around the same time I found out I was pregnant. Weird! So there is only 9 months between her daughter and mine lol

We have stuff planned this weekend. I don’t mind busy weekends but Monday mornings always drag if I’m tired lol

Saturday I need to pick up my new iPad as I got a text to say it’s been delivered to store. I also need to get some food stuff in for work next week. And some baby milk.

Sunday I have to go to church at 9:30am for service and then meet and greet with the people who are holding her blessing and thanksgiving service next year then after I am meeting Scarlett’s Nanna and aunties plus her cousin.

I’m off to bed. Work tomorrow!



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