35, 36, 37

Again I am doing a bulk post of whatever has happened the last few weeks. I am such a bad blogger but I have gotten so busy lately with returning to work, seeing Brett and doing stuff with Scarlett.

Week 35 (26th September onwards):

Monday Scarlett was 35 weeks. It is mad to think she has been “out” so long already. She is such a sassy pants.

It was my last week off before I go back to work. She is loving Nursery. I am glad I settled her in before I went back.

Thursday Mom and I went to the cinema to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby. Now I love Bridget. I loved the first 2 movies, and I will always love her. However the movie plot line annoyed me slightly. Having been one of those women who was literally left “holding the baby”, after a casual dalliance, I found the movie to be an absolute fantasy. In real life there is NO WAY a woman would be treated with such class nor would the gravity of the situation be so blase. At the end of the day, she slept with 2 different men very close together. Yes she used protection but the fact is she could not say 100% which one was the father. In real life she would’ve been called every name under the sun (not condoning, just stating how it goes), and both men would’ve upped and left her, not even wanting to be remotely involved until a DNA proved who was the daddy. Yet the film somehow managed to romanticize the situation. Kudos to the director and writer, they did it well. Still, it annoyed me. I do love the series though. And I did enjoy the movie.

Friday we went for lunch at Morrison’s cafe then we went shopping. Scarlett fell asleep in my arms so I laid her in the trolley. Lunching is very tiring when you’re only little lol

Saturday we went to Camberley for a wander. I fed Scarlett in the pub and she puked everywhere. All over my jeans and herself. Would you think the pub had baby change facilities? No. So I had to lay her on her changing mat on top of a table and do it discreetly so as not to show the world her bits. Which I did, successfully. So go me. Then we went to my nan’s for a cuppa tea before going home.

Sunday I took Scarlett out for dinner to Pizza Express as I fancied some Dough Balls!!! She slept through the meal so I basically ate alone lol


Week 36 (3rd October onwards):

Monday I went back to work. Officially. It was so surreal being in the office again. I posted on facebook at 6:34am:

“Well it’s official. I’m back in the office today after 10 months maternity and 8 months with my girl. I can’t say that I enjoyed my wake up call by said girl. She had somehow managed to shit up the front of herself so her pyjamas AND sleeping bag were stinking. Awesome. Thanks Scarlett . I’ll take that as an omen for how the rest of the day is going to go!”

So yeah, she did that and that was awesome!!!

Tuesday I had to go doctors. My lady parts had been sore and swollen for a week and I had no clue why. I have MAJOR skin issues already and that affect is affected so I figured I was just having a flare up but as it had been a week I got an emergency appointment. Doctor “had a look” and says it is thrush. She prescribed some cream and a tablet.

Wednesday my nan got Scarlett some non-slip slipper shoes. It is so she can stand up on my nan’s hard floors and not slip with just her socks on. Brilliant idea so I ordered a few more pairs online.

Thursday I started watching season 3 of The Fall. I had forgotten it was starting again. So that cheered up my first week at work.

Friday after work me and Scarlett sorted some dinner then we got on the train to London. We were booked to stay in a hotel in Bayswater near Paddington as we were meeting my friend Charlie for dinner. He ended up working late so I ate on the way and instead of dinner we just hung out after I put Scarlett down in her travel cot. He left late and I went to bed.

Saturday we got up and I fed Scarlett then had my breakfast. Packed our stuff up then off we went to the Aquarium. Tube lined nearest was closed so we got a taxi to the Southbank. Aquarium was free because of my hotel booking through booking.com. That was good. We had a nice day and she really loved watching the different fish. Different colours, shapes and sizes. The penguins and turtles fascinated her. She is very inquisitive anyway.

Brett and I had a row because even though I had told him beforehand I was meeting a male friend, he suddenly decided to get arsey about it. Called me a hypocrite and a liar. Because of the times I had “kicked off” about his friend Paige. Paige 100% wants to shag him. Charlie isn’t trying that. So it isn’t the same. I had the damn baby with me FFS! But whatevs. We worked it out after rowing for the night.

Sunday I started watching Stranger Things as everyone on my social media has been raving about it. I must admit, I watched half the season in the one night and was hooked.


Week 37 (10th October onwards):

Monday she was 37 weeks. I feel sometimes like time is escaping us but at the same time I feel like she’s going to be my toothless, baldie forever.


37 weeks in and 37 weeks out. Madness!

Wednesday Scarlett had to go see the doctors because she had been up coughing and keeping herself awake, and me, for 3 night. Luckily they said it is just viral. I was off work in the morning and went back in after lunch. Her Christmas Eve box came. It is personalized and I love it.

Thursday my mom sent off the letters I typed out to Scarlett’s potential family on her dad’s side. There was 18 people with the surname in his local area so I did 18 copies of the letter and 18 wallet size photos of Scarlett. Hopefully that will land on his mom/auntie/cousin’s doorstep and lead somewhere. She deserves to know her family.

Friday we got on the train at 7pm to go see Brett. It was a much needed weekend as he and I have been having problems lately. We love each other dearly and I don’t want to lose him but it feels like we never talk about anything properly, we just skirt around the issue. And the reason for that is, the few times we HAVE raised an issue it has ended in a bad row, which neither of us want.

We had a fairly decent weekend. We spent a lot of it talking and laughing. We took Scarlett to a different park on the Saturday. She clearly wasn’t herself because she slept a lot. He and I ate lunch at the park cafe then when she woke we took her on the swings.

Sunday we had a lovely roast dinner with Brett’s family then we got on the train home. Overall a good weekend.

Scarlett is 38 weeks tomorrow. Time flies when you’re having fun.

I aim to blog more frequently. Even if only once (but hopefully twice) a week.



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