32, 33, 34 …

Okay so I had all these half finished posts done from week 32 up to today (week 36) but my WordPress crashed and I lost them all. And I’ll be honest, sat here typing this I’m struggling to remember EVERYTHING that has happened in the last month.

So using Facebook and Instagram posts, I can gauge roughly what we’ve done.

Week 32 (September 5th onward):

Brett came down on the Sunday night. We went to soft play on the Monday. Scarlett was 32 weeks. She still has no teeth but hair is slowly coming in. Weaning has been halted due to her lack of interest but hopefully she’ll start eating again as I’m trying to get her back on it, a little at a time.

Brett went home on the Tuesday I think (honestly I can not remember).

Scarlett had her two nursery taster sessions on the Thursday and Friday. She did quite well. We packed over the weekend for our holiday to Burnham-on-sea.

Sunday night was AWFUL. Scarlett was so unwell. She was hot, bunged up and then sicked twice because she fed and couldn’t breathe so she brought her milk up with the mucus. Lovely. She kept screaming for an hour, she was twitching her head and she had a fever so I called 111 at 1am and they referred me to out of hours. They advise I get an emergency doctors appointment with my GP in the morning.

Week 33 (September 12th onward):

So Monday I got her an emergency appointment and the doctor said her chest was clear so it was most likely viral. He prescribed saline nasal drops and suggested I try Snufflebabe (Vicks vapour rub for babies). So I tried both of them whilst we were away.

Monday afternoon we set off for our holiday. We stopped at a McDonald’s service station for lunch.We arrived at 5ish, got our keys and took our stuff from the car to the chalet.

Scarlett was 33 weeks. Suffering her first proper experience of being unwell. She handled it graciously but it was hard going. Especially as we were away on holiday for the week. We had a fairly good week away. We were in Brean near Burnham-on-sea.

Tuesday we caught the bus (in the rain) to Burnham town centre. We had a wander, then grabbed a hot drink whilst I fed Scarlett. Then we did some more wandering. I went into a seaside shop for some typical holiday presents. We had a lovely meal at the Wetherspoons next to the bus stop before catching the bus back to the site.

Wednesday we drove to Wookey Hole. I had Scarlett in her baby carrier as you couldn’t take strollers in the caves (make sense). She thoroughly enjoyed it even though it dropped to 16 degrees in some of the caves. At one point we had to wear a hard hat. I put one on her so she was covered, same as me. She was so well behaved and she was nosing around, bless her. We drove through Cheddar Gorge on the way home. I was disappointed, not a single piece of cheese in sight!! **Mom didn’t find that joke funny, btw.

Thursday we caught the bus to Weston-super-mare town centre. We went down the beach front. I let Scarlett sit on the sand for the first time. She was crawling on it and then it touched her hands so she had to eat it. I immediately cleaned her up then I took her in the baby change to wash her down and re-dress her. She didn’t like that because she was cold by then lol

Friday we drove home. It was nice to be home. We had a decent holiday but I so wish she wasn’t sick. Overall it wasn’t bad. We made some memories, bought some touristy bits for her memory box so that is good.

Weekend was quiet. I smashed my phone screen. I was devastated. In all the years I have had an iPhone I have never smashed my screen like that. I have never done it. I have scratched my screen and that was bad enough. I could felt the cracked lines whenever I used it so I borrowed some money and got it fixed. I’ll pay it back when I get paid in 10 days,

Week 34 (September 19th onward):

Monday Scarlett had her first proper day at nursery today. She had such a good day and she ate so much better than she does at home, typical.

Tuesday my mom built Scarlett’s wooden personalised toybox. Scarlett “helped” by trying to climb in it, as you do lol

Wednesday I popped in to my office to say Hi and look at what kind of stuff my new role (same workplace, same team, different role) will entail. Looks mostly database oriented. That is fine, I mostly do database stuff anyway.

Thursday I enjoyed my baby-free morning and started sorting out her room. It is full of too-small clothes.

Friday I went shopping with my nan (I think) and then Brett came down that night for the weekend.

Saturday we took Scarlett to the soft play centre at the Leisure centre. She loves it. Brett was chasing her around and throwing balls at me from the ball pit lol he’s such a big kid.

Sunday (25th) So my little sassy pants is 8 months old. I don’t know where the time has gone but I can honestly say we’ve had a blast. She is cheeky and nosy and noisy. She’s such a clever, active little girl and I’m so glad she’s mine. She has been crawling for 2 months, walking the furniture for 6 weeks or so and says mam, dad and Nan. She can wave (she’s very particular about WHO she waves to) and clapping is getting there. She’s back eating and loving nursery even though it knackers her out. I love my little jellybean so much, and I can’t wait for more of our first adventures together!


I can’t believe she is 8 months. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

That is the end of the update for weeks 32, 33 and 34. Plus her 8th month update.

I feel so cheeky for not checking in sooner. Also it makes it harder to sit down and write when I cannot remember EVERY SINGLE THING!!



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