31 weeks in Liverpool

Well we made it. To Liverpool. I won’t lie, the trip was exhausting and worked for TFL are such knobs. Like, the website says if you need help then ask, I ask and all I get is “I can’t leave my post”. Okay thanks you dick. I’ll just struggle with a suitcase, stroller and a 7 month old down an escalator because, even though it is illegal, there is NO ACCESSIBILITY for disabled people (like a lift) in the damn station. And I have no choice but to use the tube to get to Euston for the Virgin Train to Liverpool.

Anyway we got the train from Waterloo. It was packed. Very packed for 11:30am. If we had been travelling really early, during peak times, I would expect it to be busy but not at that time. I didn’t have a seat. We got on the tube to Euston. What I had to do was put Scarlett in the baby carrier on the chest, collapse the stroller down then wheel both the stroller and our suitcase on to the tube. At Euston there was NO accessibility whatsoever (whereas Waterloo has lifts down to the level above the tube, and only 1 small flight of steps down to the tube – doable). So I stuck the stroller in front of me and dragged the suitcase behind me when I hopped on the escalator to take us up to the main station for our connecting train to Liverpool. It turns out the Virgin fast trains make me sick. I get motion sickness, always have, but it usually only occurs in cars if I get hot. The train swayed, a lot. So I felt sick for the entire 2 hours and 10 minute journey. I am SO thankful that Scarlett is a brilliant baby or I would not have coped.

We arrived at Liverpool Lime Street station at 15:21 as planned. We got on the merseyrail (tube) to Central then another to Moorfields. I bumped in to Steph (from my pregnancy group) when I got off at Moorfields. She was getting out the tube lift as we were getting on. We walked round the station and the Premier Inn was right there. I could not have picked a better hotel. I love Premier Inns. We checked in, got up to our room and settled in.

My friend Tasha, from my pregnancy group, was next door (how weird we were placed next to each other) so I took Scarlett in to say Hi. Her and Kira were beating each other up lol we decided we would feed the two girls, let them nap if need be then we’d set off to find somewhere to eat.

We eventually settled on a Wetherspoons but we weren’t sure where it was situated so after we left the hotel and got to the end of the road we stopped to look on our phone maps. A guy was stood outside the pub next to us and he struck up a conversation. He was “awwwing” over the girls (like obvs, they are cute AF) then he asked us where we were going etc. In the end he offered to show us the nearest Wetherspoons. He proceeded to walk us to it, take us inside and get us a table. He was friendly enough but I think he only helped because he was looking to cop off. He tried Tasha first, asked for her number haha then he tried me. His name was Joe and apparently he has 5 kids!!

We had dinner and then we set off. We were still laughing about our escort. We stopped off at the Tesco’s express store next to the Premier Inn for munchies and I accidentally stole 2 redbulls and some washing up liquid. I had placed them on the top of the stroller, and forgot about them when I went through the self service check out. I didn’t even notice until we had left the shop and Tasha was like “did you pay for them?” I was like “Oh, no, keep walking” haha

Scarlett and I FaceTimed Brett before she went to bed. She gets mad excited when she hears the connecting tone before he pops up on the screen and talks to her. It is beyond cute.

I am in bed watching some tele on my iPad. Scarlett is in bed. I think Tasha and me are taking the girls to the Freij Wheel on the docks and then for some shopping.

I can’t believe we made it to Liverpool. I am so proud of us both for making the journey. I love travelling but I won’t lie, it IS harder with a baby regardless of how good the baby is.



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