7 months

My girl is 7 months. That’s come around so quickly!!!!!

She learned to crawl a few weeks ago. She stands up at the furniture and is getting much more stronger 

Today we travelled to Brett’s. However I really wished I hadn’t bothered. Our journey is usually a 25 minute train to Clapham Junction then a 20 minute train to Hackbridge (nearest train to Brett’s house). We get a train at 6pm to Clapham. Go to get on the next train and it’s been cancelled. So I search online for the next best route and see there is a 3 changes route going to Hackbridge which will get us there 35 minutes later than planned but that’s perfectly do-able. So we hop on a train to Wimbledon. We change and get to Streatham. No lifts. Takes me ages to bump the pram up the stairs and back down again. We miss the train. So I figure I can wait for another. The next one is cancelled. Can’t wait all night, not with a 7 month old baby so I search online and discover if I take a train to Streatham common I can change and get on a train to Waddon. Which is another station near Brett’s house, maybe half a mile further away. I eventually get off the train gone 9pm. Scarlett is usually in bed asleep by now. She’s proper tired. We have to walk from the station to Brett’s house. It’s dark and we are both tired, thirsty (she’s hungry) and just hot (weather is humid). Brett met us at the station but he got on my nerves because I was highly stressed and tired and he’s cracking jokes like its hiliarous. It’s not. He didn’t have to endure that pain the ass journey nor did he with a baby in tow. Asshole.

So we got to his and I bathed Scarlett then fed her and finally she went to sleep. I had a shower and got in to bed. Brett followed behind me. I hope the journey isn’t an omen of things to come!

Brett is working tomorrow and his family go away in the morning so it’ll be just me and Scarlett. And his dog. The noisy thing. Barks all the time. At nothing!!



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