So drunk

Friday I had so much to do so we got picked up to go to Costco for party food supplies. That was £88. Next we went to Morrison’s for the weekly food shopping plus I needed baby milk and nappies.

Scarlett tried to nap but every time she nodded off we’d either have to put her back in the car or take her out. She was not amused.

Brett turned up at 11pm. My Nan picked him up from the train station. He woke Scarlett up for a cuddle which I had told him not to do but he did anyway. She was inconsolable (which is fair enough) and he didn’t like it when he couldn’t settle her. Well duh! You woke her up you prick lol so I settled her down then I opened the presents he got me. He got me a bottle of perfume (smells lush) and some pretty pyjamas. Plus a cute card, Obvs. His mom had given me a card with £20 in so I told him to say thanks to her. Which I learned today he forgot to do so I ended up looking like a rude cunt. Thanks!

Saturday we got up, had breakfast then I left Scarlett with Brett so mom and I could sort out the balloons in town plus pick up the gateau’s for the party. Once we were done we grabbed the decorations, picked up Brett and Scarlett then headed to the hall. We stuck her in her walker so we could decorate and know she was safe so we wouldn’t need constant eye on her. So we decorated then my Nan, uncle Ernie and aunty Debbie turned up with the food. So we helped them bring it all in the hall then we left.

I decided I needed to get some flowers to thank my nan and Debbie for doing all the food for me so we went to Morrison’s for a late late lunch then we grabbed the flowers.

Scarlett wouldn’t nap like I had hoped she would, at 5pm. So sorted myself out for the party then dressed her. I finished my hair and makeup whilst mom put her in the car then we were off.

I arrived late, to my own party. Luckily only 2 people were there before us. People starting arriving and drinks soon flowed. Scarlett was passed around like a hot potato but I didn’t mind. I knew she was due for a feed at 8ish so I knew they needed to get their cuddles in whilst they could. People kept buying me drinks. The same drink. I didn’t mix. Until after I’d fed Scarlett and she’s gone to sleep in the pram. Then my cousin bought me a shot of Sambuca. I can’t drink that stuff. Last time I had some I puked my entire stomach contents, and then some. But anyway, I had some shots of that and I also did some jaeger bombs and before I knew it I was waking up in bed in the morning. I vaguely remember up to about an hour and a half after Scarlett was asleep but from then on its a blur. I know I danced. A lot. And I remember being sick on the table but beyond that, nada!

I’m embarrassed if I’m honest. When I had my party for my 21st I didn’t get anywhere near this drunk. I can remember the whole evening and legit didn’t make a fool out of myself. I’ve no idea why I decided to drink so much this time. I don’t remember half the night, Brett and I had sex but I don’t remember it. I only know we did because I knew I’d had sex (I mean, what woman wouldn’t know) and I asked him. He says he barely remembers it either. But the condom wrapper gave it away lol I’m not mad, I know I would’ve wanted it at the time. It’s just weird to not remember it. He says from the snippet he remembers, it didn’t last long. I’m not surprised given how much he drank. I’m shocked he could even get it up!

Today I don’t feel that bad. My head doesn’t hurt and I haven’t been sick. He says I was only sick at the party. I wasn’t sick again when we got home. He says he was worried I would be and that I’d choke on it so he stayed up 3 hours listening to me but he said I wouldn’t sleep when he was in the room so he left me alone to sleep but sat on the top of my stairs listening. We may not go on dates and have this 13lb baby that takes up all our time but that is love, watching out for me. Although it could’ve been guilt because he bought me a lot of the drinks and shots lol

He’s gone home and I’m settled in bed for an early night.



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