1 day to go

Scarlett has been in an awful mood today. I have had a few smiles and at one point she DID play in her pop-up play pen by herself for a bit but mostly she has alternated between crying outbursts and consistent whinging. I do believe it is her teeth. I also believe it is not her fault. She is crying for a reason. She is by far not a usual crying baby. So she clearly needs her teeth soothed then she will be soothed.

The gas man who came Monday stupidly forgot to turn our gas back on after his check so we didn’t have any gas. We didn’t even realise because we had not cooked since Sunday (and even then it was my brother, not us). So an engineer had to come back out to turn it back on and double check the boiler was okay after it being effectively switched off. So annoying!

I’m super excited about going to London tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s my birthday tomorrow. It’s mad how quickly the year is flying by!

I’m off to watch some tele.



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