2 days to go

Today I woke up feeling like crap. I felt almost flu-like. I had a banging headache, my neck and shoulders ached weird and I just felt totally blegh!!!

Scarlett and I were meeting a church lady. She was due at 11:30am so when we woke from our morning nap we got up. We got dressed and went downstairs. Scarlett is getting much better at playing independently in her play pen whilst I do things. I don’t leave her unattended in the front room very often or for long because she is a nightmare! But I will pop in and out doing things and she just sits nicely playing. I love her so much the little baldie toothless crawling bundle of giggles.

The church lady turned up and we had a chat. She says that having her christened will be done after lots of hoop jumping. Not entirely sure I can be bothered. Plus I feel like such a hypocrite bothering when I don’t even believe in that stuff. Maybe I should just have a blessing to welcome her into the world, rather than a full blown christening.

After she left my dad popped in for a cuppa and a chat on his way home from work. He gave me £80 for my birthday. He left at 2ish. Mom came in from work at 2:30, she got changed and then we bundled in the car. I was due to have my tattoo done at 3pm. It took the tattooist almost an hour to get the drawing the right size, font and lettering etc. So I didn’t sit down in the chair until almost 4. It was £90 and 90 minutes later I was done. It looks great and much better than what was there originally.


We grabbed dinner after on the way home then when I got in I gave Scarlett her third bottle for the day. It was later than usual because she hadn’t wanted her bottle at 1pm, she drank it at 2pm so her next one was due at 6pm instead of 5pm. As she has been uninterested in her dinners lately I decided not to give her any today. If she wakes in the night then I will continue to give her dinner as she clearly needs it but if she doesn’t wake, I’ll leave her without them.

Scarlett had a nap then she had her bath. After her bath I left her with mom so I could have a shower and mom fed her whilst I was in the bathroom. She put her to bed and I chilled out. Mom rubbed some stuff on my tattoo then I climbed into bed.

I am just watching some TV. We are going into town in the morning so I can get my eyebrows sorted (proper unibrow going on) and so I can look for some shoes.

I told Brett about my tattoo and sent a picture. I knew he wouldn’t particularly like it, it’s not to his taste and I expected him to be honest. Instead he was honest but an ass about it. He said it looked silly because I had used the word Beautiful. Such an ass. I weren’t mad that he didn’t like it. I get we all have different tastes but why be an ass about it?

2 days till my birthday. I am looking forward to going for lunch then up the London Eye with my BMF (best mom friend) Nicola and her little human Matilda. Certainly tops my birthday last year. Last year was epically shit.



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