3 days to go

Are these countdowns annoying yet?

So today Scarlett and I woke up fairly early. She had a bit of her bottle then she went back to sleep. I joined her. I love our morning nap. Especially as she has been in her cot in her own room now for 6 weeks. I miss co-sleeping but I’m glad she’s so settled in her own bed.

Mom got in from work at 11am. She had a shower and got dressed so Scarlett and I got dressed too then we all headed into town. My brother went off to get his haircut and mom and I had lunch. I had a lovely chicken burger with chips. Next we hit the shops. I got some new jeans for myself, and a few tshirts (in the sale) for Scarlett. We went into the tattoo shop and I inquired about what I want done. They’ve booked me in for tomorrow at 2pm. Can’t believe I’m finally having that awful tattoo fixed after 5 years. What the fuck was I thinking when I got it?

After town we stopped at nan’s for a cuppa. Mom left me and Scarlett there so she could go home and release the flea bombs. You can’t have small children around during the 2 hours you have to fumigate for. So we stayed at nan’s till 5ish.

Scarlett is 29 weeks today. I think people may be wondering why I still update her weekly. I mean it’s easier to say she’s so many months, right? Yes it is. But I’m doing weekly because she changes so quickly. And she learns new things each week. So whilst it seems a weird thing to do, I have a reason to document her weekly. I shall keep it up till she’s a year old. Then I’ll create her a Flipagram of her 52 weeks which will show an age progression of her. It’ll be interesting to see how she’s changed over the year.

I can’t believe she can crawl, pull herself up on furniture or your legs. She can sit from crawling and vice versa. It’s like she woke up last week and decided to do mad shit lol

It’s my birthday in 3 days!!!! I love this countdown. It makes my birthday much more exciting than it is lol

I got my Fitbit today. I set it up and I’ve worn it since I got it. I’m curious to see what the tracker looks like of me asleep. I always thought I was a peaceful sleeper so we’ll see.

I just finished watching How To Be Single. And for no apparent reason (given its a comedy) I cried at the end. Weird. Hormones!!!

I have a weird headache and my neck and back hurt (no clue why) so I’m headed to sleep. I miss Brett. Can’t wait to see him Friday!



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