4 days to go

Today Scarlett and I were going to visit Virginia water with my grandparents, my nan’s brother and sister-in-law. We got 2 minutes away in the car and my uncles car decided to break. He said his brakes were going. He could feel it. Then he tried to brake and it took a lot of skill to slow down. I think he used his gears. We pulled over in a lay by and he got out to check. He said we’ll have to go back. So he drove super slowly home. That put a stop to our walk lol we agreed we’d still go out for dinner so he drove his car to his house and then picked up his missus’ car and met us at the new beefeater in town. It was after mom finished work so she came to my nan’s and us 5 squeezed in my nan’s car.

We had a nice meal. I can’t complain with my food. I had garlic flat bread to share with mom. It was delish. I do love garlic!!! My steak was exactly as ordered and chips were tasty.

After we ate we paid and then mom and I went home. Mom went for a nap as she’s working tonight and I sat downstairs with Scarlett watching tele. I fed her a bottle then she had a nap. After her nap I put her in her new pop up play pen whilst I did some stuff then I fed her some dinner. She played a bit more then I took her up for a bath. She loves having a bath. She started getting tired so I made her last bottle but she only drank a couple of ounces so I laid her in her cot and she’s fast asleep.

I’m currently in the bath. My hair needs washing a few times this week to let the hair dye run a bit so it’s not as bright and obvious lol plus I want to try out the expensive hair stuff I treated myself to at the salon yesterday.

Today Scarlett is 28 weeks and 6 days. Here is her comparison picture of her 4D scan at 28 weeks 6 days.

Mom and I are going to go into town tomorrow for lunch then we are going to take Scarlett to soft play for a little bit, providing it’s not too busy. If it’s busy I’ll give it a miss.

I’m going to just chill tonight. Maybe stick a film on or whatever.

4 days to go till I’m 25!!!



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