5 days to go

So today Scarlett woke up at 8am. She had a few ounces of milk then slept for a solid 2 hours. She woke up beaming and happy. She finished her bottle then we got ready to go to my nan’s. She was going to watch her for me so I could get my haircut and find an outfit for my party.

So I fed her her lunchtime bottle then I left for town. I had my haircut and then treated myself to some decent hair and skin stuff (birthday presents to myself). I looked around but couldn’t find anything I liked so gave up and went back to my nan’s. She said Scarlett had just woke up. Apparently she’d slept most the time I was gone. Typical haha

My nan’s sister-in-law offered to take me to some outlet stores quickly so we ended up in Next. I found a purple top I liked so I’ll wear that to my party with some nice jeans and heels. It’ll do.

I had dinner at nan’s whilst Scarlett tried to climb all over me (I was sat on the floor with my plate on the coffee table). Her hands just kept appearing on the table trying to grab things lol she had had a bottle so she wasn’t hungry, just curious and nosey.

We walked home at 6ish. I fed her some dinner then I took her upstairs whilst I dyed my hair. I bathed her then fed her her nighttime bottle. Once she was settled I washed my hair dye off and then showered as I was hot and sweaty. I hate this weird humid weather.

Mom came in from work after 9. I made her a cup of tea then I came up to bed.

My friend Nicola wants to come to the London eye with me and Scarlett. So we’ve both booked a Flexi Fast Track tickets. I’m looking forward to spending the day with her and Matilda.

I’m in bed watching TV. Think I’ll head to sleep soon just trying to figure out if I’m hungry or not lol

We are going to Virginia water tomorrow with my grandparents, my nan’s brother and sister-in-law for a walk and then we are going out for dinner. Should be nice.



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