6 days to go

Today is FriYAY. It is also 6 days until my birthday. Yep, countdown is ooooon!

We got up and headed to town to get the bus to my work place. We were no longer due to visit the nursery as they called and said they had an outbreak of Chicken Pox so they’d reschedule if I chose not to visit today. Obviously I’m not visiting. I wouldn’t willingly put Scarlett at risk as I’d hate her to be sick. So we’ll reschedule.

We got to my work just after 12. It was sunny so Rachel (my friend) was sat outside eating her lunch. We joined her. As did 2 other friends. Scarlett sat on the table trying to crawl lol she liked Rachel today. Normally she cries at her, even though Rachel popped in a few times when she was first born and has since seen her every month without fail, when I come in to the office. So weird she cries at her but not today.

When Rachel’s lunch break was up, we headed into the office. It was nice to see everyone although there was a fair amount of new face. Which is weird because I was only in a month ago. There has been a lot of staff changes lately it seems. She was very happy until it got to the point where she suddenly remembered she was hungry (I knew she was and I had already made the bloody bottle but she wouldn’t drink it before). She I fed her in the reception area before heading off to town so we could go to my nan’s house.

We got to my nan’s house and Scarlett tried to stand up holding on to my grandad foot holder box thing lol she a nightmare !!!!

chinese is on her lol

Mom wasn’t working tonight so we decided to get Chinese. So we ran up there at 7:30ish. Scarlett came with us, obviously. Once we’d eaten I fed her some dinner then I tried her with a yoghurt for the first time. Only a little bit. She had a bath then I made her bottle. She fell asleep so I gently woke her up to feed her and after drinking an ounce or so, she suddenly started choking and I realise she was being sick so I tipped her forward and she sicked all over the floor. It looked mostly like yoghurt. I was so shocked as she’s NEVER done that in her life. Even as a newborn, she’d get the occasional sicky burp but beyond that, she was sick-free. I felt so sorry for her. She seems okay but I’ve decided not to run the risk of her sicking again in the night and me not hearing her in her room so she’s sleeping in my bed. I don’t mind. We haven’t co-slept in a very long time. Pretty much since I met Brett. I figured that was as good as time as any to break the “habit”. Not that it was a habit as she went straight into her Moses basket then into her own cot in her own room. I’m very lucky.

I hope she feels better soon. I’ve laid her on a towel incase she does sick again.

I’m going to try and get some sleep.



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